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Former ESPN host Keith Olbermann calls for Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio to be banned from the NFL for his comments about the riot on January 6th.

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Del Rio found himself in hot water when he simply questioned on Twitter, “Would love to understand the ‘whole story’ about why the summer of riots, looting, burning, and the destruction of personal property is never discussed but this is ??? #CommonSense.”

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He would eventually address this tweet and others expressing right-leaning views to the media telling them, “I just asked a simple question. Let’s get right down to it. What did I ask? A simple question. Why are we not looking into those things if we’re gonna talk about it? Why are we not looking into those things?”

“Because it’s kind of hard for me to say I can realistically look at it,” he continued. “I see the images on TV, people’s livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down — no problem.”

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“And then we have a dust up at the Capitol. Nothing burned down,” he noted. “And we’re going to make that a major deal. I just think it’s kind of two standards. And if we apply the same standard and we’re going to be reasonable with each other let’s have a discussion. That’s all it was. Let’s have a discussion. We’re Americans, let’s talk it through. I’m for us, you know? Having a great opportunity to have a fulfilled life.”

“Like I said every way which way I can when I’m here it’s about love and respect. I love my guys. I respect my guys. But I also love the fact that I’m an American and that means I’m free to express myself and I’m not afraid to do that,” he concluded.

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Del Rio would eventually apologize, ““I made comments earlier today in referencing the attack that took place on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. Referencing that situation as a dust-up was irresponsible and negligent and I am sorry.”

However, he did stand by his comments condemning the BLM riots, “I stand by my comments condemning violence in communities across the country. I say that while also expressing my support as American citizen for peaceful protest in our country.”

“I have fully supported all peaceful protests in America. I love, respect, and support all my fellow coaches, players, and staff that I work with and respect their views and opinions,” he concluded.

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Before the apology was issued, Olbermann called for Del Rio to be banned.

He wrote, “The first outright 1/6 Denier in sports works – almost inevitably for the Washington Commanders of the infamous Dan Snyder.”

“If the team won’t fire defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio the NFL has to ban him. You can’t have a deranged person like this in management of a DC team.”

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He added, “1/6 was a ‘dust up’ per Jack Del Rio. Out. Enough. To borrow a phrase: get that son of a b**** off the field.”

Source: Keith Olbermann Twitter

Olbermann continued to call for Del Rio to be fired and banned from the NFL.

He wrote on Twitter, “Good God, there’s video. NFL, you have to ban Jack Del Rio TODAY. Enough of these ‘it was a dust up’ fantasizers, 1/6 deniers, defenders of sedition and bulls**t.”

He added, “GET THAT SON OF A B**** OFF THE FIELD. This isn’t free speech. He’s a private employee.”

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He then described Del Rio as the “worst person in the world.”

He wrote, “Our Gold: Jack Del Rio, future Ex-Defensive-Coordinator of your DC Commanders. A rare NFL triple play: 1. Tweets 1/6 Denialism 2. Refers to coup as a ‘dust-up’ 3. Issues non-apology apology somebody else wrote.”

Olbermann concluded, “Today’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!”

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Del Rio would eventually be fined by Commanders head coach Ron Rivera $100,000 for his comments. However, this was not enough for Olbermann.

He wrote, “Nice. Insufficient. Fire Jack Del Rio today. Let this benighted franchise – for once – do the right thing. #DustUp.”

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Olbermann has previously tweeted in favor of Black Lives Matter despite them burning and looting multiple cities throughout the United States in 2020.

He wrote back in October 2021, “Possibly because BLM is an attempt to make an inclusive, less racist world, and you LGBrandon a**holes are just treasonous slime and Claremont Karens?”

Source: Keith Olbermann Twitter

What do you make of Olbermann’s call to have Jack Del Rio banned for expressing his comments about January 6th and asking a question about why the BLM riots of 2020 are not getting as much attention as the January 6th riot?

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