Delonte West trying out for the Big3 in March, 2022 via BIG3 YouTube

Former NBA player Delonte West, who left the courts professionally in 2012, was recently spotted in Alexandria, Virginia, panhandling near a gas station. Despite how things may appear though, West claims everything is alright, telling The Image Direct, “it is what it is.”

TMZ reported earlier in the year that West was planning a comeback to the basketball court, but this development shows that the road ahead for him may not be so easy. According to West, that due to the youth and fitness of his competition in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league, he was unable to make the cut.

During the league’s May draft, West was a “no-show” and appeared as if his comeback opportunity was over.

Delonte West speaking with Vice News in 2014 via Vice Sports YouTube

West, who has publicly admitted to suffering from mental health challenges such as bipolar disorder, as well as substance abuse, explained that the reason for his panhandling is to support his family. “I got children. I’m in between jobs,” West said.

“People can help me as much as they can,” the father of two and former 8 season NBA player pleaded, “but you know, as a man I gotta do what I gotta do for my babies.”

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