UFC Welterweight Contender Jorge Masvidal Calls Out Anti-Donald Trump Virtue Signaling NBA Players After Sharing Photo Of $9 Gas In California

Jorge Masvidal via UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

UFC Welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal, who is ranked as the 8th best Welterweight in the UFC, recently called out anti-Donald Trump virtue signaling NBA players after sharing a photo of gasoline prices over $9 in California.

Source: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

Masvidal wrote on Twitter back on June 3rd, “Cali I feel for you guys. They are saying it’s supposed to go even higher. Buying food and just trying to get to work is gonna start to not even be possible.”

“Might be time to start protesting this by hitting the streets,” he added.

Source: Jorge Masvidal Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Masvidal wrote, “And where the hell are all the basket ball players and blue check marks that said if we get rid of Trump it will get better?”

“These people don’t care about you because they making millions. No one cares about you and your family but you! Wake up and smell the cafesito,” he declared.

Source: Jorge Masvidal Twitter

While Masvidal doesn’t mention any names, there were quite a few NBA players who celebrated Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election to current President Joe Biden.

Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young tweeted back in November 2020, “You love to see it..” He then shared a tweet from reporter Jason Gallagher showing a video where Georgia turns from red to blue.

Philadelphia 76ers player Tobias Harris reacted to a report from Rex Chapman claiming that Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania writing, “Love it!!”

Source: Tobias Harris Twitter

Fellow 76ers players Joel Embiid responded to one of his own tweets from 2016 that said, “Well America is tanking!!! All we can do is Trust The Process…”

His response to that tweet read, “Well America TRUSTED THE PROCESS and it paid off #TheProcess.”

Source: Joel Embiid Twitter

Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal responded to a Van Jones tweet writing, “Character MATTERS.”

Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns tweeted, “This is a moment the country NEEDED and a moment WOMEN deserved.”

He then shared a USA Today Politics tweet about Senator Kamala Harris.

Source: Karl-Anthony Towns Twitter

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green encouraged LeBron James to go to the White House to celebrate the 2020 NBA Champion with Joe Biden planning to take residence there.

Source: Draymond Green Twitter

James responded writing, “YO we back up in there my G!!! I’m taking my tequila and vino too!”

Source: LeBron James Twitter

Masvidal lost his last fight to Colby Covington in an unanimous decision at UFC 272. Before that he was defeated by TKO in Round 2 by current Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman.

It’s unclear when he will next appear in the Octagon.

What do you make of Masvidal’s commentary about basketball players and increased gas and food prices?

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