Woke BBC Presenter Eilidh Barbour Faces Backlash After Complaining About The Lack Of Diversity In The England Women’s Football Team

Eilidh Barbour via BBC Sport

Scottish BBC presenter Eilidh Barbour is currently facing backlash, after blatantly complaining that the England women’s football team lacked diversity following the team’s match against Norway on Monday the 11th of July.

Choosing to focus on the skin colour of the team, Barbour opted to brush over the fact that the Lionesses absolutely crushed Norway’s team, making history with an 8-0 win that secured England’s place in the Women’s Euro 2022 quarter finals.

Source: Official England Football Channel, YouTube

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“It was an historic eight goal victory for England last night as the Lionesses secured their place in the quarter finals,” said the Scottish presenter the night after the team’s historic win over Norway.

She then questioned the fact that the players on the field were all white, adding, “but all starting 11 players and the five substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white. And that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game in England.”

Eilidh Barbour via BBC Sport YouTube

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As pointed out by GB News host and Mail Online columnist Dan Wootton, Barbour had already set the tone for the report, asking Educational Assistant at Football Beyond Borders Debra Nelson about the team’s lack of representation.

“For me to see you speaking out about this current England team saying how, as a young black woman, this team does not speak to you or inspire you is so alarming to me,” said the woke presenter.

In response to Barbour’s question, Nelson asserted, “You need to feel like you can see yourself in order for them to be a role model. If someone doesn’t have the same lived experiences of you, isn’t of the same background of you…how can they then be your role model?”

Wootton also brought up the BBC’s desperate attempt to shame the England women’s football team for its lack of diversity, writing, “The absurdity of the BBC’s desperate desire to turn the Lionesses into a race debate was laid bare when the discussion returned to the presenters at the stadium who included the black ex-England player Anita Asante.”

Eilidh Barbour via St. Johnstone FC YouTube

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Following the report, a clip of the moment in which the Scottish presenter shamed the English team for its lack of racial diversity started doing the rounds on social media, prompting users to sound off their opinion regarding Barbour’s insufferably woke take.

“WTF exactly does this presenter want the English coach to do if the 15 most talented/tactically appropriate players for the match happen to be white? Jeopardise the score in the name of ‘diversity’?” inquired Head of Government Affairs at British Conservation Alliance Emily Hewertson, adding, “The BBC are a joke.”.

A handful of users found themselves resonating with Hewertson’s tweet, leaving comments that further denounce both Barbour and the BBC’s woke assessment of the England women’s team.

Twitter user @CaptainSC5 opined, “This is what is also going wrong with many employers now too. You could be the brightest & the best, but if you don’t tick certain diversity boxes then you won’t get the job…”

“I’ve been an employer & recruiter and I don’t care who or what you are, the best candidate gets hired!” he then added.

Source: @CaptainSC5, Twitter

Sharing pictures of the women’s football teams for China, Cameroon, Thailand, and Pakistan, @cold957 wrote, “I thought they were trying to win an international tournament with the best, in form players available, not score points with the identitarian mob?”

“What does the BBC think about the China, Cameroon, Thailand and Pakistan national teams?” he posited.

Source: @cold957, Twitter

“What a take that is from Eilidih Barour. And I don’t mind Alex Scott but on her 1st show on Football Focus she said that Megan Rapinoe was a hero for a few reasons, one of which was criticising a president. How is that an achievement? Because it was Trump? Stop politicising football,” asserted another user.

Source: @jonihunter1982, Twitter

“Here are two pictures of British competitive sprinters from different years. Where are the whites?” pointed out @ManchesterHunk alluding to the BBC presenter’s fairly ridiculous comment.

Source: @ManchesterHunk, Twitter

“It’s this kind of stuff which makes me sympathise with people who boo the knee to be honest,” wrote another user making reference to footballers taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd.

Source: @ProblematicToby, Twitter

“Seriously!!! You pick a team because they are good enough not because they are white black orange pink or whatever,” declared another user, adding, “next you’ll be complaining that none of the England team were Scottish!!”

Source: @srand23, Twitter

Sharing a picture of the Scottish women’s football team, @Steveo40001 points out Barbour’s hypocrisy writing, “Her own country isn’t very diverse either.”

Source: @Stevo40001, Twitter

Deputy Leader of the Reclaim party Martin Daubney chimed in, jokingly opining, “It’s a distraction from the empty stands,” in allusion to the lack of interest in women’s sports.

Source: Martin Daubney, Twitter

Pointing out mainstream media’s hypocrisy in general, Mail Online columnist Sophie Corcoran shared a picture of both English and Nigerian women’s football teams, asserting, “Why does the media only have a problem with the ‘lack of diversity’ in one of these photos…”

Source: Sophie Corcoran, Twitter

Retweeting Hewertson’s original tweet about Barbour’s woke, tactless comments, Summit News writer and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson ironically stated, “Shocking lack of diversity in the Ghanaian women’s football team,” sharing a picture of the aforementioned players.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson, Twitter

What do you make of Eilidh Barbour’s comments criticising the lack of diversity in the England women’s football team? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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