Tony DeAngelo
Source: Philadelphia Flyers YouTube Channell

An outspoken NHL player’s controversial background is once again triggering critics on the heels of a trade to Philadelphia.

Tony DeAngelo via Phoenix Coyotes YouTube

26-year-old Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo, fresh off a trade from the Carolina Hurricanes, was attacked by the woke mob for the crime of supporting President Donald Trump.

If DeAngelo supported our current president, who is so mentally unqualified that he reads everything on the teleprompter like Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy, they would be perfectly fine with that. Anybody but Trump, even if they say the most racist and ridiculous things.

Tony DeAngelo via New York Rangers YouTube

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In November of 2020, DeAngelo tweeted the following, “Well this be be [sic] my final tweet until the results are in. I hope the people will vote to keep America GREAT and keep an America FIRST agenda. Goodluck Mr. President! #MAGA #KAG”

The woke mob wasn’t about to let DeAngelo get away with wanting to put America first, and then have the nerve to think he deserves a second chance to redeem himself from his inflammatory pro-American beliefs.

Matt Carey tweeted, “This is great news because it means I don’t have to spend any time or money on the Philadelphia Flyers ever again until everyone who was involved in making this deal is fired.”

Source: Matt Carey’s Twitter Account

Twitter user DanTheFlyeraFan wrote, “The Flyers have already alienated most of their fanbase and are losing season ticket holders by the hundreds and their solution is to bring in f***ing tony deangelo???”

“Bunch of tone deaf f***in idiots running this franchise,” the user added.

Source: DanTheFlyeraFan Twitter

Simpforquinn tweeted, “If you think that Evander Kane and Tony DeAngelo have ‘matured’ pls block me. Just so gross to see players like them given all of these chances.”

Source: Simpforquinn Twitter

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Grittystan69 wrote, “‘We need to change the culture in the locker room and institute accountability. Who should we trade for?’ Chuck Fletcher: ‘Tony Deangelo'”

Source: Grittystan69 Twitter

Jashvina Shah tweeted, “Tony DeAngelo has already had numerous chances in the past to rectify himself and his behavior and he did not. He has had the chances; he does not need another one.”

Tony DeAngelo

Source: Jashvina Shah’s Twitter Account

In addition to supporting President Trump, he also spoke about the January 6th protest, questioned COVID-19, and accused Pennsylvania of trying to rig the presidential election in favor of President Joe Biden.

In November 2020, he wrote, “My home state of PA is trying to RIG it. They don’t want our president to declare victory tonight. Well Michigan/Arizona/Wisconsin let’s make it happen for him anyway!”

Source: Tony DeAngelo Twitter

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Twitter user MerOutLoud also indicated that in November 2020, DeAngelo tweeted, “What happened to ‘COVID-19’ the last 48 hours?”

Source: MerOutLoud Twitter

The woke mob accused him of being racist and rehashed an incident from eight and a half years ago when he was only 18 years old and playing in the Ontario Hockey League, in an effort to cancel him. The incident happened during a game and involved an unnamed teammate who he remains friends with.

The league suspended DeAngelo for eight games for violating the league’s Harassment and Abuse/Diversity Policy.

Tony DeAngelo via NHL YouTube

DeAngelo alluded to the incident in a video introducing himself to Flyers fans.

“There was something I said back in junior,” he added, “people don’t know what it is. I’m not going to go into it. But it was something I regretted. A friend of mine on my team, we had an argument, and we remained friends. The other stories that have come out are totally false, and I think that’s why teams in this league have known that.”

DeAngelo signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the Flyers, and is known for his playmaking ability.

Do you believe the woke mob is trying to silence and cancel DeAngelo for being an outspoken Trump supporter?

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