Mike Tyson Tells Greta Van Susteren He Now Leans Conservative And That The Media Stole His ‘Freedom Of Speech’

Mike Tyson via The Pivot Podcast

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has now given yet another look into his life as the former champ revealed to Newsmax host Greta Van Susteren that as he has grown older, he has become more conservative in his outlooks politically compared to his younger self.

Mike Tyson via The Pivot Podcast

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Tyson explained to Van Susteren that it was just “common sense” for him to evolve over time on his beliefs, especially as he raised his children. He wasn’t too eager to continue wading in the deep waters of political discussion however.

“My family gets mad, my friends get mad when we talk politics,” Tyson told Van Susteren. “When I was younger, I was all-out liberal. But as I get older, and I look at my children, and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative… it’s common sense, looking at the world we have now. You want safety.”

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As the host attempted to get Tyson to elaborate further by asking him his opinions of politicians such as Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Tyson halted the topic from devolving entirely into his own personal politics.

“I can’t talk names… the last time I tried to talk politics [publicly], wow, did they give me a beating,” said Tyson. “I now stay away from politics and religion. They stole my freedom of speech.”

Tyson doesn’t always avoid these topics, but when he does, he does so in the controlled environment of his Hot Box’n with Mike Tyson YouTube series and podcast, where he’s had on past guests such as controversial right wing provocateur, Alex Jones of InfoWars fame. That specific episode however was removed against Tyson’s wishes by his production company which produces his show.


In 2016, Tyson supported Donald Trump for president and later voted for Trump in 2020 (Nevada law changed allowing convicted felons to vote after completing their sentence), quickly drawing attacks by the liberal media both times.

What are your thoughts on Tyson’s hesitancy to voice his true opinions on these topics when speaking with the media?

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