Riley Gaines and Donald Trump at CPAC 2022 via The Independent YouTube

Women’s Swimming Champ Riley Gaines Shoots Down Lie That She Tried To ‘Dodge A Kiss’ From President Trump

Swimming champion Riley Gaines isn’t holding back from speaking out against a rumor spread by left-wing haters that insinuates that while appearing on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with former President Donald Trump, she dodged a kiss and attempted to pull away from him.

Riley Gaines at CPAC 2022 via The Independent YouTube

Gaines, who gained notoriety for speaking out in defense of the integrity of women’s sports after competing against a biological male Lia Thomas in the NCAA women’s swimming championship, went to her Instagram account to set the record straight after liberal twitter personality Ron Filipkowski took a clip from Gaines’ appearance at CPAC and attempted to paint a different picture than what had actually happened.

“Trump calls swimmer Riley Gaines up on stage and tries to give her a kiss. She flinches and pulls away,” Filipkowski posted to Twitter.

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The 12-time All-American and three-time Southeastern Conference champion later posted to Instagram how honored she was to appear at CPAC with President Trump before laying into the false-narrative regarding dodging a kiss from the 45th POTUS.

She declared, “This is a prime example of the left media pushing propaganda to fit their narrative.”

“In no way, shape, or form did I ‘dodge a kiss’ from Trump nor was I uncomfortable on that stage with him at any point in time,” Gaines wrote. “I slightly turned my head so I could hear what he was saying to me. Proof that no everything you read is factual. But keep clutching at straws, it’s almost comical.”

Source: rileygbarker Instagram

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Gaines is accustomed to this type of treatment from supporters of trans-athletes in women’s sports since she first began speaking out on this issue.

In the same post shooting down the kiss-dodging accusation, she summarized her CPAC speech to get the point across that trans-athletes are an existential threat to biologically female athletes.

Source: The Independent YouTube

“Pro-woman and pro-fairness is not anti-trans. I truly can’t even believe this is a topic for debate. It’s simple,” said Gaines. “Women should not be forced to share a changing space & compete against males with biological advantages that will never be completely diminished regardless of hormones taken. If you’re delusional enough to think fairness for women is considered transphobic, you’re simply mysogynistic.”


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