Aaron Rodgers Says “Just About Every Conspiracy Theory Came True” Regarding Covid-19

Aaron Rodgers via Club Random Podcast YouTube

Reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers believes that all the initial conspiracy theories regarding Covid have come true.

Bill Maher (L) and Aaron Rodgers (R) via Club Random Podcast YouTube

Rodgers discussed his views on the Covid vaccine and lockdowns with Bill Maher on the comedian’s podcast Club Random.

The Packers QB has previously received criticism for his refusal to take the Covid vaccine despite the fact he has an allergy to polyethylene glycol (PEG), an ingredient in the vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

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Maher, a liberal comedian, complained that students at his alma mater Cornell were forced to wear masks outside, even though science showed wearing masks outdoors makes no difference, especially for young adults.

“This is all just, this is ideology, this is not medicine, this is indoctrination, and to me, the frightening thing was never the disease itself. The frightening thing was how much you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life. Stay home, wear a mask, you know,” Maher said.

Rodgers then responded, “It was altruistic at first. It was like, ‘Yeah, we’ll take two weeks to flatten the curve, right?’ And then just about every conspiracy theory came true: vaccine mandates, vaccine passports. And it turned into like away from doing your job to stop the spread to lockdowns.”

He continued, “And that’s my whole problem. I grew up in a small town, very little cases up in Chico, California. But all the small businesses f***ing gone. Our favorite restaurants in L.A. and New York and across the country, not just in big cities, but some crazy percentage will never open again. Why? And what are we doing for them? What are we doing for the small businesses?”

Aaron Rodgers via Club Random Podcast YouTube

Rodgers and Maher are correct, nearly every “conspiracy theory” surrounding Covid has come true. When Covid first hit we were told the disease spread due to someone in China eating a bat. Anyone who theorized that the disease could’ve originated from a lab leak from the nearby Wuhan Institute was deemed a racist conspiracy theorist.

We now know that not only was the virus most likely leaked from a lab but even Anthony Fauci was aware of this from the beginning.

Aaron Rodgers via Club Random Podcast YouTube

When the vaccines were first being pushed they were touted as offering perfect protection from the Covid virus. Everyone from Rachel Maddow, the director of the CDC, and future President Joe Biden assured the public that the vaccine stopped the transmission of the virus.

Journalists such as Alex Berenson were banned from Twitter for exposing this lie. A year later “breakthrough cases” are the norm and nobody even pretends the Covid vaccine stops the virus.

Bill Maher via Club Random Podcast YouTube

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“I think people are conditioned not to think anymore.” Aaron Rodgers said on Joe Rogan’s podcast “They are conditioned to do exactly what they are told by their news station, by their politician; people don’t want to think for themselves anymore,” he added.

In the same podcast Rodgers attacked the NFL for sending a “stooge” to push the vaccine, “‘No one knew your vaccination status. You lied to your teammates.’ No, no, no. Day 3 of training camp they sent a stooge in and he showed these slides about what your vaccination percentage was on your team, where you [were] compared to the rest of the league. And I started asking him questions about liability. ‘Well, I’m not a lawyer.’” he elaborated.

“Okay, cool. But you are in here talking about all these different things and you don’t talk about anybody’s personal health issues. There’s zero exemptions. You took out religious exemptions. You took out PEG exemptions. You took out anybody’s ability to have an opinion that, ‘I don’t want to do this,’” explained Rodgers.

Rodgers and Maher are hardly far right extremists. Maher is firmly on the left and typically a loyal supporter of the liberal establishment. Rodgers and Maher pushed back on the idea that one has to be a conservative to think outside the box.

“So your politics obviously are not very conservative, but I never thought they were. The reason why people say conservative is anytime you get outside the box, including medically, you know, if I don’t want to use hand sanitizer or I want to make up my own mind about how many boosters I want to get – zero. Somehow that makes me a conservative. It doesn’t make me a conservative.”

Aaron Rodgers via Club Random Podcast YouTube

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Rodgers reiterated that he had zero interest in politics or appearing on Fox News.

“I was championed by the right, by my vax status and I’m like – I was getting weekly requests to go on Fox News. I’m like, ‘I’m not f**king going on Fox News.’ I’m like, I don’t wanna be part of any politics at all. I believe what I believe. Most of it I based on my own personal version of common sense and I don’t believe in partisanship. Partisanship – the two-party system has f***ing ruined this country,” Rodgers said.

Earlier in the podcast he also noted, “That’s my problem with society today is why does everything have to be so f***ing bipartisan. Every issue is not a partisan issue. There’s right and there’s wrong. There’s things that make sense and things that don’t make sense. You don’t have to f***ing toe the line on what your party’s saying to, you know, and that’s the only stance you can take. Can you not rationally have a conversation about things that make sense and be able to not be swayed by whether you vote red or blue?”

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

Believing in anti-government conspiracies used to be reserved for what the media would describe as crazy right wing nuts. But with the amount of misinformation and lies coming from the corporate press and state institutions, distrust of the official narrative has become non-partisan.

With non-right wing figures like Aaron Rodgers and Bill Maher willing to speak out hopefully more Americans will see that the institutions they’ve been taught to trust should be looked at with much more skepticism.

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

What do you make of Rodgers and Maher’s comments?

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