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Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving: “Enforced Vaccine/Pandemic Is One Of The Biggest Violations Of Human Rights In History”

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving declared the enforcement of vaccine mandates and the pandemic “is one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.”

Kyrie Irving during Nets @ Cavs, 17 January 2022 Photo Credit: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Irving took to Twitter where he declared, “If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified, or fired.”

He then added, “This enforced Vaccine/Pandemic is one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.”

Kyrie Irving Twitter

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In a subsequent tweet he wrote, “Use me God. No fear.”

Kyrie Irving Twitter

The NBA superstar also previously tweeted, “HUMANITY is at war. Which side are you on? The TRUTH vs The Lie. Fear and GOD to do not operate in the same space.”

Kyrie Irving Twitter

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Irving also recently shared an Alex Jones clip to his Instagram Stories.

Kyrie Irving Instagram

In the clip, which is from 2002, Jones says, “The facts and common sense are in. Yes, there have been corrupt empires. Yes, they manipulate. Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history. And yes, today in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, total and complete tyranny.”

Jones continues, “By centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God basically when it comes to your health. And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system, where human beings are absolutely worthless.”

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Back in January, Irving also spoke to the media about how the vaccine mandates and the pandemic created a separate class of people: the unvaccinated.

He said, “What I’m trying to better articulate is that I’m not bringing science into the basketball game. Everyone’s feeling what’s going on in the real world. I’m walking around as an unvaccinated person. I’ve already been separated into another group of a community. And I’m just saying to everybody I’m human. I have decisions to make. I have a family to take care of.”

He further detailed, “There are things that are just as important to me as being great at the game of basketball or leaving a legacy. So I think to answer your question, it’s just the reality of where the world is in the present state. You see there are more boosters, and there are people getting fired for being unvaccinated. We’re all dealing with it. We’re all feeling it.”

Irving then noted, “My message has always been I respect what everyone else is doing with their bodies. I respect what everyone else is doing in terms of their livelihoods. And I’m here to support.

“But what is going on with me is I’m taking it one day at a time. That’s it. Nothing’s guaranteed in this world right now. So people are getting sick left and right,” he added. “For me I’m just trying to be just a person that’s just being a beacon of hope and light and just trying to shed as much as I can on the situation without talking myself into more BS and what’s going on with this political world that we’re in right now.”

Kyrie Irving via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

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Irving continued, “And I just don’t want to bring science into this. It always gets wrapped up. I’m asked questions all the time about what’s my status and I’m like man, if you were in my position it would be easy for someone to say, ‘Well, why don’t you just get vaccinated,’ but you’re not. And that’s just the reality of it”

“I’ve made my decision already and I’m standing on it,” he concluded.

Kyrie Irving via CLNS Media YouTube

As for Irving’s assertion it is one of the greatest violations in human rights history, that statement might be a little hyperbolic, but the vaccine mandates are most definitely a violation of human rights.

The Roman Catholic Church makes it clear that “practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary. In any case, from the ethical point of view, the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one’s own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good.”

Given mandates are anything but voluntary, it’s safe to conclude that forcing them is wrong.

Kyrie Irving via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

The Covid-19 vaccines also do not protect one’s own health let alone promote the common good.

A new study conducted by individuals from John Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, University of Oxford, and others finds, “Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.”

The CDC also notes that the vaccine doesn’t actually prevent infection, “People who are vaccinated may still get COVID-19.” These individuals can also spread the virus as well. The CDC explains, “People who get vaccine breakthrough infections can spread COVID-19 to other people.”

Kyrie Irving via CLNS Media YouTube

What do you make of Irving’s assessment of the enforced vaccines and pandemic?

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