USMNT Team And Atlanta United FC Defender Miles Robinson Arrested For Refusing To Pay For Drink, Claims Bartender Is Racist

Miles Robinson via U.S. Soccer YouTube

United States Men’s National team and Atlanta United defender Miles Robinson was arrested on a misdemeanor charge on Saturday night.

Miles Robinson via Atlanta United FC YouTube

Robinson is accused of one count of misdemeanor theft by taking a shot and a criminal trespass warning. The incident occurred at a bar outside Atlanta, GA near Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves. The 25-year-old defender is accused of refusing to pay for a $5 shot that he took off a server’s tray.

Atlanta United is aware of the arrest and issued the following statement “We are aware of a recent misdemeanor arrest involving Miles Robinson. We are continuing to gather all information related to the incident and will not have further comment at this time.”

Miles Robinson via U.S. Soccer YouTube

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Robinson is making $700k this year from Atlanta United according to Spotrac. Paltry numbers compared to other professional athletes but should be enough to cover a $5 drink.

Of course, asking someone to pay for a drink at a bar is racist according to Miles Robinson. In a police report Robinson apparently believes he was arrested not for consuming a beverage he refused to pay for but because he was black.

Miles Robinson via Atlanta United FC YouTube

According to the report: “Robinson stated, ‘You only want to listen to the racist bartender, you aren’t going to listen to me.’ I attempted to explain to Robinson that the bartender observed him take a shot and then walk away and alerted the managers. Robinson would not listen but stated that the situation was because he was the only black male inside of the bar.”

“Detective Goduto then explained to him that all he had to do was pay his bill and that if he did not pay the bill the manager wanted to press charges for theft. Robinson once again stated all this was over five dollars. Robinson did not indicate that he was going to pay the bill.”

Miles Robinson via Atlanta United FC YouTube

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Making unsubstantiated claims of racism seems to be a new trend in sports. Just this past week an anonymous BYU volleyball fan was accused of racism. Leading to outrage all over social media and South Carolina women’s basketball cancelling games with BYU.

As with most claims of racism in the past few years the story ended up being a Jussie Smollett style hoax. When demand outpaces supply the market will be flooded with fakes.

Rachel Richardson via Holly Rowe Twitter

The demand for racism has been artificially inflated in recent years by the woke left. James Lindsay from New Discourses has exposed the reason for this inflated demand. It’s not an actual desire to end racism or help marginalized groups.

It is a strategy by Marxists to use minorities and marginalized groups as the new revolutionary proletariat in replacement of the working class who became too “comfortable” as a result of the economic progress of capitalism.

Bubba Wallace via NASCAR YouTube

Obviously, Miles Robinson is not an avowed Marxist looking to overthrow the bourgeoisie from a bar in suburban Atlanta. He’s just a young, presumably drunk, entitled athlete. But the culture that has been created that would lead him to believe that his legal troubles are due to racism and not his unwillingness to pay for a product he already consumed, is a culture deliberately created for political reasons.

Robinson’s claims of racism are easy to dismiss. Hopefully stories like this will continue, as the more claims of racism appear unserious the more the left’s attempt to use racism to lead our country to an authoritarian future will be dismissed as well.

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