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Alabama Coach Nick Saban Responds To Footage Of Jermaine Burton Hitting Tennessee Fan

Alabama coach Nick Saban has released an official statement in response to viral footage showing Jermaine Burton, one of the team’s wide receivers, smacking a woman on the field after the team’s recent lost to Tennessee.

Nick Saban via Alabama Crimson Tide football on BamaInsider

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The video of the alleged assault was posted to TikTok, in which you can clearly see the hordes of Tennessee fans who flooded the field after the team’s victory against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Very visible is Burton, who walked through the crowd toward the team’s tunnel obviously upset from the outcome of the game. It’s while Burton is exiting the field that he can be witnessed smacking the woman, identified as Emily Isaacs, in the head.

Saban initially reacted to Burton’s actions saying, “We are aware of the situation with Jermaine Burton as he was exiting the field Saturday. We are currently working to gather more information.”

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Saban was asked again during a press conference about the altercation regarding Burton on Wednesday during the discussion regarding the Tennessee fans who stormed the field .

“We handle discipline issues internally and that’s the way we’ll handle this,” said Saban. “But as I said today, when I was asked about the whole, you know, the league has tried to control people rushing the field and it’s a difficult circumstance for the league. It’s a difficult circumstances for the people who are on the field.

“But you know we got to go through those difficult circumstance and still respect other people and I think that’s on us to do that and that’s certainly a lesson to learn relative to this,” he concluded.


As of this writing, no charges or reports regarding the incident with Burton have been filed with either the Knoxville or University of Tennessee police departments, according to The Tuscaloosa News.

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