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Former Strikeforce Champion Jake Shields made it clear what his opinion on men being involved with trans kids and drag kids is.

Jake Shields via UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

Shields reacted to a tweet from The Post Millennial’s Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo detailing that an Australian person that claims to be transgender and goes by the name of Rachel Queen Burton was “charged with eight child sex abuse offenses in Adelaide.”

Ngo further detailed, “On Thursday, prosecutors asked for the case to be adjourned for 10 weeks to allow prosecutors to further do an electronic analysis of her laptop.”

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Shields reacted to the tweet writing, “Any grown man involved in trans kids or drag kids is a sexual predator.”

He added, “This is clear to Anyone who’s not an idiot.”

Jake Shields Twitter

This isn’t the first time Shields has made such comments. In June he tweeted, “Only a pedophilia would throw a drag party and strip for children.”

Jake Shields Twitter

He followed that up sharing two images from Mr. Misster’s bar and club in Dallas, Texas. he also wrote, “This shouldn’t be a left vs right issue because encouraging grown men to strip for kids won’t be a winning strategy.”

Jake Shields Twitter

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In August, Shields also wrote, “Charles Manson along with multiple serial killers were forced to dress in drag by their mothers when growing up. Manson and the others say the humiliation stayed with them for life and pushed their urge to kill. There’s multiple articles about this just not in last 5 years.”

Jake Shields Twitter

In a subsequent tweet he added, “Criminal psychologists have found a direct link between having kids cross dress and him becoming a serial.”

“Don’t worry it’s perfectly fine and healthy to bring your kid to drag shows,” Shields sarcastically wrote.

Jake Shields Twitter

Next, he questioned, “How long before the change the psychology books and say drag is good for a kids identity?”

Jake Shields Twitter

Shields isn’t just calling out drag queen and transgender culture, he also recently called out the numerous people across the world that not only bought into government propaganda surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic specifically the use of face masks, but how they treated people who didn’t buy into it.

He  shared a meme showing four different pictures of people wearing all kinds of different masks and plastic clothing and suits. One photo even shows numerous brides and grooms kissing through a face mask.

Commenting on the meme, Shields wrote, “They did this while calling you a grandma killing conspiracy theorist for not going along.”

Jake Shields Twitter

What do you make of Shields’ recent tweets?

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