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The highly anticipated fight between YouTuber Jake Paul and UFC legend Anderson Silva is now only days away, but a recent interview has fans of Anderson “The Spider” Silva wondering whether the 47-year-old fighter is in condition to fight after admitting to being knocked out twice by sparring partners during preparation for the upcoming bout.

Anderson Silva via Showtime Sports YouTube

“I’m training hard for win — I’m training with the good boxers, high-level, and five guys come to help me,” Silva said during an interview with MMA Weekly. “And the last sparring with [my sparring partner], he is knocked me out two times, and when I finish my training, I talked to my coach and even said, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why the guys knock me out two times?’ And the coach said, ‘You need to prepare for war, and you prepare for war.'”

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While Anderson clearly stated that he had been knock out trice in training, his longtime coach Luiz Carlos Dorea responded later, denying the accuracy of the claim and stating that at no point during Silva’s recent sparring session was he “knocked out.”

“What I can say is that didn’t happen,” said Dorea. “Thank God we follow all the steps in training and Anderson did excellent sparring sessions. He’s 100 percent for the fight.” Silva’s managers were contacted by MMA Weekly to hear their thoughts on the alleged knockouts but have not responded.

The Arizona Department of Gaming, which is the overseeing body over the state’s boxing commission, commented on the situation however, stating “We are looking into the matter and have no further comment at this time.” Serious injuries of any kind that take place during the training prior to a fight could put the fighter’s health in jeopardy as well as fight’s status.

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According to the rules, fighters must document any knock outs or concussions related or unrelated to training. Anderson will fight the 25-year-old Paul at Gila River Arena in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, October 29th.

Paul was initially set to fight British boxer Tommy Fury, but alleged issues regarding travel restrictions prevented the Englishman from coming to the United States for their fight at Madison Square Garden. Hasim Rahman Jr. was then selected to fill in as Fury’s replacement but disputes over weight classes caused that fight contract to be terminated.

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