Shannon Sharpe via Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED YouTube

WATCH: Shannon Sharpe And Skip Bayless Make Fools Of Themselves Attempting To Attack Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving continued to receive backlash for posting an Alex Jones video on his social media.

Kyrie Irving via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar railed against Irving on his Substack for sharing a video where Jones warns of the “new world order” planning to release “viruses and plagues.” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed Kareem’s comments on their show Undisputed.

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Sharpe begins the segment by bringing up Jones’ previous misinformation regarding Sandy Hook. “He posted something that’s been disproven, that Alex Jones lied, that this really happened, Sandy Hook actually happened, these parents are not actors.”

It appears Sharpe believes the video Kyrie posted was about Sandy Hook. Sharpe also seems to believe that Sandy Hook happened in 2002. “Kyrie would have had to have been 7 or 8 when this actually happened,” Sharpe says. Sandy Hook occurred in 2012 a decade after the video in question was posted, Kyrie was playing in the NBA at the time.

Shannon Sharpe via Undisputed: Skip and Shannon YouTube

Sharpe goes on to claim that Kyrie wants to be viewed as a “martyr.” “Kyrie Irving lost nothing!’ Shannon Sharpe ignorantly proclaimed. In fact, Kyrie lost approximately $17 million dollars and had to sit out almost a full year of his prime.

“Kyrie is a smart young man, he’s got a high IQ, it’s just unhinged, it’s flawed in its wisdom there is no wisdom attached to the IQ” Bayless added.

“Families lost their kids, never coming back, and people are still grieving…and Kyrie like that didn’t happen, y’all are actors,” Sharpe exclaimed, still blissfully unaware that the video Kyrie posted had nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

Shannon Sharpe via Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED YouTube

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Skip Bayless ends the segment by stating that Alex Jones has admitted in court that he is merely playing a persona.

“He plays a character on tv, that his persona, that’s who he’s supposed to be, the contrarian, the shock jock,” Bayless says without a hint of irony. Playing a character on tv who’s a contrarian and shock jock for entertainment value is the blueprint for Skip Balyess’ entire career.

“He’s a joker who put no thought into this,” Sharpe says about Jones and what he easily could have said about his performance during this entire segment.

Skip Bayless via Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED YouTube

Sharpe and Bayless can continue to attack Kyrie all they want, much like Alex Jones, no intelligent person takes their show seriously. If Skip and Shannon are seriously concerned about shock jocks being mindlessly contrarian on TV for entertainment value they could help solve the problem by cancelling their show.

Perhaps more people would take their show seriously if they took the time to understand what they were talking about and were willing to hold actual controversial opinions. You know, like what Kyrie Irving does.

Kyrie Irving via CLNS Media YouTube

What do you make of Sharpe and Bayless’ attack on Kyrie Irving?

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