Sports Media Attacks Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Describing Him As Anti-Semitic

Kyrie Irving via YESNetwork YouTube

Kyrie Irving is once again under the gun of the national media. This time the star player is being criticized for sharing a link to the film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America to Twitter.

Kyrie Irving via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

The Brooklyn Nets star has been public enemy number 1 ever since refusing to comply with New York City’s vaccine mandate and now he is under attack for tweeting a link to an Amazon documentary that the media is labeling “anti-Semitic.”

Last week, Irving posted the Amazon link to the 2018 film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.

Kyrie Irving Twitter

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The film supports narratives created by Black Hebrew Israelites who believe that they are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites. The film, which is available to be viewed on Amazon claims to reveal the true identity of the Children of Israel by exposing what Islam, Judaism, and Christianity has covered up for centuries.

The official description on Amazon states, “The movie Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America uncovers the true identity of the Children of Israel by proving the true ethnicity of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Sons of Ham, Shem & Japheth. Find out what Islam, Judaism and Christianity has covered up for centuries in regards to the true biblical identity of the so-called ‘Negro’ in this movie packed with tons of research.”

Due to the nature of the Black Hebrew Israelites movement, the media accused Kyrie Irving of being anti-Semitic and supporting the hatred of Jewish people.

Kyrie Irving via YES Network YouTube

Rolling Stone published a piece headlined Kyrie Irving Boosts Antisemitic Movie Peddling ‘Jewish Slave Ships.’

In a tweet promoting the article they wrote, “Kyrie Irving says he should not be labeled antisemitic even though he literally shared works that are antisemitic.”

Rolling Stone Twitter

The Athletic ran an article headlined, “Kyrie Irving needs to be held accountable for promoting anti-Semitism.”

In a tweet promoting the article they wrote, “Kyrie Irving’s actions should have consequences, Eric Koreen writes. And the NBA, its players association and the Brooklyn Nets should use the disciplinary actions they have at their disposal to make him understand that.”

The Athletic NBA Twitter

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It wasn’t just the media either. Nets Owner Joe Tsai took to Twitter to condemn his star guard. “I’m disappointed that Kyrie appears to support a film based on a book full of anti-Semitic disinformation. I want to sit down and make sure he understands this is hurtful to all of us, and as a man of faith, it is wrong to promote hate based on race, ethnicity or religion.” Tsai said.

“This is bigger than basketball.” he added.

Joe Tsai Twitter

Irving addressed the criticism he received from numerous media outlets following the Nets’ victory over the Indiana Pacers on Saturday saying, “In terms of the backlash or what people call it, we’re in 2022, history is not supposed to be hidden from anybody. And I’m not a divisive person when it comes to religion. I embrace all walks of life. You see it on all my platforms. I talk to all races, all cultures, all religions.”

“My response would be, it’s not about educating yourself on what Semitism is and what anti-Semitism is, it’s really about learning the root words of where these come from and understanding that this is an African heritage belonging to the people,” Irving stated. “Africa is in it whether we want to dismiss it or not. So the claims of anti-Semitism and who are the original Chosen people of God and we go into these religious conversations and it’s a big No-no. I don’t live my life that way.”

Kyrie Irving via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

He elaborated, “I grew up in a melting pot and I say a melting pot of all races: white, black, red yellow, Jewish, Christian, Muslim. And you can see the way I live my life now. I’m not here to be divisive so they can push their agenda — I don’t want to say they because I’m not identifying anyone one group or race of people, but I’m in a unique position to have a level of influence on my community.”

“And what I post does not mean that I support everything that’s being said or everything that’s being done or I’m campaigning for anything. All I do is post things for my people in my community and those that it’s actually going to impact. Anybody else that has criticism and obviously it wasn’t meant for them,” he declared.

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Irving then blasted the media when one of them started to ask a question, “I don’t expect understanding from a media conglomerate, group that sincerely talks about the game of basketball and then we bring up religion as if it’s correlative at times, when it’s convenient for people to bring it up. So please, just be direct with your question so we can move on from this and I can talk about the game and I can go home to my son, Elohim, and my wife, Marlene.”

He also asserted, “I’m not going to stand down on anything I believe in. I’m only going to get stronger because I’m not alone. I have a whole army around me. We’re in 2022. History is not supposed to be hidden from anybody, and I’m not a divisive person when it comes to religion.”

Kyrie Irving Instagram

He would later be asked about sharing a video of Alex Jones from 2002 video where the radio personality said in the video, “The facts and common sense are in. Yes, there have been corrupt empires. Yes, they manipulate. Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history. And yes, today in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, total and complete tyranny.”

Jones continues, “By centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God basically when it comes to your health. And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system, where human beings are absolutely worthless.”

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Responding to the question about why he shared the post, Irving said, “That was a few weeks ago. I do no stand with Alex Jones’ position, narrative, court case that he had with Sandy Hook or any of the kids that felt like they had to relive trauma or parents that had to relive trauma or to be dismissive to all the lives that were lost during that tragic event. My post was a post from Alex Jones that he did in the early ‘90s or late ’90s about secret societies in America, of occults, and it’s true.”

“I wasn’t identifying with anything, being a campaignist for Alex Jones or anything,” Irving continued. “Just there to post. And it’s funny; it’s actually hilarious because out of all the things I posted that day, that was the one post everyone chose to see. It just goes back to the way our world is and works. I’m not here to complain about it. I just exist.”

Kyrie Irving via NBC Sports Boston

Following the press conference, while discussing the situation on Inside the NBA on TNT, both Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal slammed Irving as an idiot who is the cause for the Brooklyn Nets’ problems. Barkley even calls for Irving to be suspended for his social media posts.

“I think the NBA dropped the ball. I think he should have been suspended. I think Adam [Silver] should have suspended him.” Barkley said.

“First of all, Adam’s Jewish. You can’t take my $40 million dollars and insult my religion. If you’re going to insult me, you have the right, but I have the right to say, ‘No, you’re not going to take my $40 million and insult my religion,’” he continued. “I think the NBA, they made a mistake.”

Shaq then backed up Barkley’s comments by calling Irving an idiot and a divisive distraction from the game.

“The game we used to love, and we promote it brings people together, and it hurts me sometimes when we have to sit up here to talk about stuff that divides the game. Now we got to answer for what this idiot has done.” O’Neal replied.

He continued, “I stand for equality of all people. I’ve always been like that. It don’t matter what religion. No matter where you’re from. …  I don’t really want to sit up here and answer questions for what he’s done. If you’re looking at me, it’s my job to make people happy. I can’t speak for him or answer for what he’s doing. It’s obvious by his answers and the way he answers he doesn’t really care.”

Shaquille O’Neal via NBA on TNT YouTube

Irving has maintained that he did not intend to offend anyone and has defended his right to post freely on social media. As of this writing, the league has not punished Irving for his tweet.

The media has not launched a campaign labeling Amazon as anti-Semitic for selling the film either.

What are your thoughts on the latest Kyrie Irving saga?

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