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World Series Champion Curt Schilling Calls For BLM And LGBTQ Activists To Fight Tyranny In China

World Series champion Curt Schilling recently called for radical activists attempting to reshape the United States of America into their immoral image to take up their cause in China.

Curt Schilling via Fox News YouTube

Schilling wrote on Twitter, “How about all you antifa, BLM, and women’s rights advocates, and the lgbtq community, hop on planes, fly to china and fight for people truly oppressed who need help?”

He added, “You’re all so set on fighting against tyranny, it’s right in front of you.”

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Human Events Senior Editor and the host of Human Events Daily Jack Posobiec has been covering the situation in China and notes that “a building full of Uyghurs and Han Chinese citizens, it caught fire.”

He continues, “Well that building had been under three months of extreme lockdown measures. … This high-rise people have been welded into their homes, door shut. Cars were strewn about outside. There was no way for anybody to get in. There was no way for anyone to get out, and the people were trapped like this for months.”

Posobiec then detailed, “While you were eating Thanksgiving dinner a fire broke out in this high-rise on the 15th floor and if anyone who’s ever lived in a high-rise in any city in the world knows a fire breaking out on a high floor is one of the most dangerous and deadly things that can happen.”

“But here’s what happened to those people, they were locked inside their homes by their own government. They were forced inside. They were stuck inside and their loved ones were forced to listen while these people, Han Chinese and Uyghurs burned alive at the order of the Chinese Communist Party,” Posobiec detailed. “This was a massacre. This was the Xinjiang Massacre.”

Jack Posobiec via Human Events Daily YouTube

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He then went on to detail how the Chinese people are responding to this massacre, “The people, all across China, are coming forward. And they are holding up pieces of paper, blank pieces of paper. Why? Because they know you can get arrested for holding up an anti-government slogan, anti-party slogan. So they’re holding up blank pieces of paper and they are calling it the White Paper Revolution. So to protest censorship they’re just holding up blank pieces of paper.”

“There’s another thing they’re saying,” he added. “They’re saying ‘Take down the CCP.’ They’re chanting it in Mandarin. The first place I saw this was in Shanghai, but then I realized that it’s going on in cities across the country. It’s even taking place in Beijing just a couple of miles from Tiananmen Square.”

Jack Posobiec via Human Events Daily YouTube

Posobiec has also been sharing videos from China as the CCP begins cracking down on the populace.

In one video he shows a number of police officers on a train. He writes, “Shanghai police grabbing, checking phones up and down the subway.”

Another video shows Chinese military being deployed in Xuzhou city.

Regarding another video, he writes, “Chinese citizen shouts at CCP, ‘Was the fire in Xinjiang set by foreign forces too?'”

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In another one he writes, “They just tore down a Covid testing site in Guangzhou.”

Another video shows protestors clashing with individuals in white suits. Posobiec writes, “Chinese citizens clash with CCP lockdown enforcers known as Big Whites in Jinan, northern China.”

What do you make of Schilling’s comments?

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