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National anthem protestor and Black Lives Matter supporter Colin Kaepernick is now the executive producer for an upcoming ABC News Studios docuseries which will be discussing a series of police-involved shooting deaths in the small town of Bakersfield, California.

Colin Kaepernick via Inside Edition YouTube

The series, which will be streaming on Hulu, will be primarily focusing on the death of Jorge Ramirez Jr., an off-the-books police informant who was shot dead in a hotel by Bakersfield police.

“In Bakersfield, deep in California’s heartland, things are not always what they seem,” states the synopsis for the three-part program. “A deadly hotel shooting makes the Ramirez family question everything they know about their town. Desperate to find out what really happened to their loved one, they soon learn they are not alone in their tragedy and fight for the truth.”

It continues, “It’s a story of twists and turns, corruption and cover up. Who do you turn to when the ones who are supposed to serve and protect you are the ones you can’t trust?

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The trailer, seen above, features members of the Ramirez family, and levels serious accusations against the local police department including torture, murder, drug dealing, and corruption.

This docuseries marks another step away from his previous career in the NFL after his failed comeback attempt this season, which reportedly included a “disaster” of a workout with the Las Vegas Raiders and his continued narrative that the NFL’s system of recruiting and working with athletes is no different than that of forced slavery, which started after he began to take a knee during the National Anthem during his final season with the 49ers in 2016.

Last year, Kaepernick published a racially charged children’s book based on his life as a black child living with the white family whom adopted him. He has also been the subject of a Netflix series, “Colin In Black and White,” as well as several Walt Disney Company projects.

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