Former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez’s Trial Date In Attempted Murder Case To Be Set Soon

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UFC fighter Cain Velasquez, who is facing multiple charges for attempted murder in California, appeared in court this week as the ongoing trial continues.

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Velasquez’s attorney Renee Hessling agreed during the hearing that the next appearance would be set for March 8th, by then it will be confirmed when the formal trial date will be set.

At the Wednesday appearance, Hessling also addressed a complain regarding Velasquez’s recent visit to North Carolina after he was granted bail and permission to compete in a professional wrestling match in Arizona. While he was also granted permission to attend a separate trip to North Carolina, there was some concern regarding glitches with his GPS monitoring for extended travel, which resulted in a report filed to the judge overseeing his case.

“I frankly don’t see this as an issue,” Hessling stated during the hearing.

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The reason for the North Carolina trip was so that Velasquez could attend a veterans charity event at Fort Bragg where he would be joined by other former MMA fighters.

The saga of this unfortunate situation began last year when the former UFC champion allegedly was involved in a dangerous, high speed chase with Harry Goularte, who has been accused of sexually molesting Valesquez’s son while the child was attending a daycare service operated by Goularte’s mother. During the alleged chase, Velasquez used a firearm to fire at the vehicle he was chasing.

Inside the Goularte’s vehicle during the chase was his stepfather Paul Bender, who was non-fatally hit by one of Velasquez’s shots during the chase. Velasquez was arrested without resistance by authorities, where he was later charged for attempted and premeditated murder.

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Prosecutors mentioned in court that Velasquez had been denied bail numerous times in advance, which is why his recent bail was as high as $1 million, which was paid in November. At the time, he had been held in jail for eight months before since the prosecutors fought hard to prevent him from leaving.

As of now, Velasquez could potentially face life in prison if he is found guilty.

What is your take on this situation? Do you believe Velasquez is innocent or guilty? Let us know in the comments below.

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