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World Series Champion Aubrey Huff Jumps Into Damar Hamlin Conspiracy: “NFL Is Either Covering Up His Death, Or He’s In Bad Shape”

The Damar Hamlin body double conspiracy doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, especially since former MLB player and World champion Aubrey Huff has just throw gasoline into this internet bonfire of a story claiming that the NFL is potentially hiding something that would rock the world of professional sports to its core.

Aubrey Huff via Breakaway YouTube

“Isn’t it weird that @BuffaloBills Damar Hamlin was the biggest story for two weeks,” Huff posted to Twitter on Wednesday. Now we have media silence. Not a social media post from him, picture, or live video.

“Somethings fishy. @NFL is either covering up his death, or he’s in bad shape,” his tweet concluded.

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This speculation comes less than a week after Stew Peters of “The Stew Peters” show claimed that a CBS broadcast from last Sunday’s match between the Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals showed evidence that a ‘body double’ was pretending to be Hamlin since at no point while on camera was his face visible. At this point the body double theory grew from silly internet rumor to now gaining a serious following of individuals claiming all is not well with the young athlete.

A day prior to Huff’s post, the sports blog Sports Breaking News screen recorded an Instagram Story posted from the account SCI-FIT Sacramento, a physical therapy facility, showing Hamlin working on his recovery.

“Damar Hamlin 19 hours ago, barely walking… @NFL you got some explaining to do, how was this man just up and walking perfect, throwing up a heart sign in the stands at the game???” Tweeted Sports Breaking News.

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From statements of teammates such as Josh Allen to members of his own family, all reporting that he is alive and on the mend, it seems highly unlikely that Hamlin is dead, especially since the video showing him in physical therapy shows him alive and breathing, even if he’s not at full strength yet.

Author and former contributor to the New Yorker, James Sureowiecki, also commented on the situation, adding a clip of Miles Sanders on a video call with Hamlin before the Eagles-Giants game a week after Hamlin’s tragic incident on the field.

“Insane conspiracy theorists keep saying no one’s seen Damar Hamlin’s face since his recovery. But Miles Sanders made this video showing Hamlin – and his face! – on his phone before the Eagles-Giants game on January 8,” posted Surowiecki.

What do you think? Has the internet taken this way too far or is something actually being covered up? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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