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With the Kansas City Chiefs capturing their second Super Bowl title in the last four years, everyone involved with the franchise is starting to be recognized for their excellence. That has included their now-former Offensive Coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, who has been mentioned as a potential NFL Head Coaching candidate for the past few offseasons.

LeSean McCoy, Eagles running back, stiff arms Ernie Sims, Dallas Cowboys linebacker, as he runs the ball at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia Nov. 11. The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon performed for at the Eagles’ halftime show for tens of thousands of spectators this Veteran’s Day to the chanting of “U.S.A! U.S.A!” Photo Credit: Sgt Austin Hazard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, the former Colorado Buffaloes star has watched as the coaching carousel has passed him by. Once considered a favorite and the ‘hot coordinator’ in The League, he’s been passed over several times.

Now, he’s moving on from Kansas City and taking on the same position on Ron Rivera’s staff in Washington. The Commanders only scored 18.9 points per game last season.

Eric Bienemy Pre-SuperBowl Press Conference via KHSB 41

While many may be scratching their heads as to why Bieniemy hasn’t been handed the Big Whistle yet, former Chiefs LeSean McCoy says that’s not that shocking. The ex-running back, who amassed 11,102 yards and 73 TDs in 12 seasons, stated that while he is hoping that Bieniemy is successful, he’s not ready to anoint him as a savior yet, either.

“What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator? The problem is, a lot of these people that go on social media, ‘He should be the guy for the job,’ they haven’t played there,” McCoy said. “I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching and he has nothing to do with the pass game at all.”

LeSean McCoy via I AM Athlete YouTube

The former Six-Time Pro Bowler says Eric Bienemy still relies heavily on guidance from Head Coach Andy Reid.

“When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you talk about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a very good coordinator. I can tell you about Andy Reid or Doug Pederson. But Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good? When we watch the film of practices and we correct the wide receivers, the running backs, the quarterbacks, he doesn’t talk in there. Andy Reid talks in there.”

Philadelphia Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy, after a loss to the Washington Redskins on December 20, 2014. Photo Credit: Original: Keith AllisonCropped by: Diddykong1130, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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“I’m rooting for him because he’s a black coach and I love to see black coaches win. Also, he’s a running backs coach, and running backs coaches never get a chance to be offensive coordinator,” McCoy said. “So I want him to do well, but if I have to do my job and be honest? My thing is, where is the true value at?”

McCoy played under Bieniemy in 2019, his only year with Kansas City. He rushed for 465 yards and four scores before moving on to his final NFL season with Tampa Bay.

His comments regarding Bieniemy were not popular among some of the coach’s current and former players. Bieniemy is generally considered a popular figure, both in and around The League. Names such as Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu had a field day with McCoy’s assertions on social media.

Hill posted to Twitter writing, “Shady mad Eb told him tuck that ball.”

Tyreek Hill Twitter

Tyrann Mathieu tweeted, “Man you f***ed up with it.”

Jamaal Charles also wrote, “I have to disagree with you Shady. Bieniemy Coach me 4 years I learned so many thing for EB and I still keep in contact with him a great husband and father. He deserves to be a head coach.”

Jamaal Charles Twitter

Ron Parker also wrote, “EB was a a solid Coach in the building my entire career at KC. I think it mite be a lil hate in here from bro. idk.”

Ron Parker Twitter

Bienemy allegedly being passed over for a Head Coaching position has had many fans and observers bringing up the subject of minority hiring practices in the NFL again.

In his State of the League address before Super Bowl LVII, Commissioner Roger Goodell stressed they have made progress. However, he also looks for the League Accelerator Program (which encourages minority hires in coaching and front office positions) to continue expanding.

“We’re gonna continue (the accelerator program),” Goodell said. “Our commitment’s strong to that… It’s about attracting the best talent and giving them the best opportunity to be successful. To me, that’s at the core of what we do. We want the changes to be really fundamental and sound and sustainable.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discusses the state of the NFL in annual press conference before the Super Bowl via FOX10 News YouTube

What do you make of McCoy’s comments?

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