Pat McAfee Responds To Brett Favre Suing Him For Defamation via The Pat McAfee Show YouTube

On Friday, Pat McAfee got a pretty good chuckle out of Brett Favre’s defamation lawsuits against him, FOX Sports Commentator Shannon Sharpe, and Mississippi State Auditor Shad White over their responses to the Hall of Famer’s ongoing welfare scandal. The documents were filed on Thursday.

Pat McAfee via The Pat McAfee Show YouTube

The former NFL punter turned multi-faceted media personality issued a humorous response to Favre’s lawsuit against him on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday.

McAfee used the situation as comedic fodder and said that the program had finally ‘made it’ by being sued by the NFL Hall of Famer. He dismissed any chance that Favre would win a decision against him.

Throughout his rebuttals on the show, he repeatedly pointed out that he, nor any of his co-hosts, said that Favre was guilty of anything. Instead, they just mentioned the various allegations, without actually passing any public judgment.

White’s official response came through his media relations director, Fletcher Freeman:

“Everything Auditor White has said about this case is true and is backed by years of audit work by the professionals at the Office of the State Auditor. It’s mind-boggling that Mr. Favre wants to have a trial about that question. Mr. Favre has called Auditor White and his team liars despite repaying some of the money our office demanded from him.”

“He’s also claimed the auditors are liars despite clear documentary evidence showing he benefitted from misspent funds. Instead of paying New York litigators to try this case, he’d be better off fully repaying the amount of welfare funds he owes the state.”

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Joe R. Campa Jr. meets Brett Favre from the New York Jets during the coin toss on the field at the Meadowlands. The New York Jets took on the St. Louis Rams on Military Appreciation Day. Photo Credit: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jennifer A. Villalovos, USN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As of press time, Shannon Sharpe, the other party named, has not commented on the suit filed against him by Favre.

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