Chicago Blackhawls celebrate a goal against the Boston Bruins on March 14, 2023 via Chicago Blackhawks YouTube

A new report claims the Chicago Blackhawks will not wear Pride jerseys as part of their upcoming Pride night on Sunday that sees the team face off against the Vancouver Canucks.

Max Domi of the Chicago Blackhawks celebrates a goal against the San Jose Sharks on February 25, 2023 via Chicago Blackhawks YouTube

The Associated Press (AP) claims the Blackhawks will not be wearing the jerseys due to “security concerns” over a new law signed by Russian President Vladimir restricting the propaganda of sodomy. The Chicago Sun-Times further detailed it was “over safety concerns for the players with families in Russia.”

According to the AP, Putin signed the law back in December 2022 to ban the spread of  “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” Specifically the outlet noted that this new law “outlaws advertising, media, and online resources, books, films and theater productions deemed to contain such ‘propaganda.'”

The law also bans information deemed to be promoting pedophilia as well as the spreading of gender transition information to minors. Violation of the law reportedly can result in a fines between $1660 and $66,000. Foreigners violating the law could also be detained up to 15 days before being expelled from the country.

Philipp Kurashev celebrates a goal via Chicago Blackhawks YouTube

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Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson told The Chicago Sun-Times he was upset about the decision, “We’re right there along with [those who are upset] because we have done this in the past and planned to do it again this year in support of it. The organization, because they had to make a decision and it’s a tough one, are just as disappointed as anybody. It’s an unfortunate situation, but that’s just what we have to deal with.”

“I don’t think we can control the world issues, so that takes it out of our hands,” Richardson also said. “We’re just making decisions as best we can as an organization and for everybody.”

Luke Richardson via Chicago Blackhawks YouTube

According to The Athletic’s Mark Lazerus, The Chicago Blackhawks issued the following statement, “The Chicago Blackhawks organization is proud to continue its annual Pride Night celebration, an evening – alongside year-round efforts — fueled by partnership and LGBTQIA+ community engagement.”

It continued, “Together, our activities will focus on fostering conversation and more equitable spaces in our pursuit to make hockey more inclusive. We do not condone anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric, and we stand firmly with the community.”

“While we know game day celebrations like these are an important way we can use our platform to bring visibility, it is the work we do together 365 days a year that can create true impact in ensuring all of our colleagues, fans and communities feel welcomes and safe within our sport,” the statement concluded.

Mark Lazerus Twitter

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Trent Horn at Catholic Answers explains why Catholics and other Christians should not use the symbol because what it promotes is incompatible with the Gospel. He writes, “The rainbow flag symbolizes not just the diversity among those who identify as LGBT but the pride this group claims in the one thing that unites all of them: their sexual behavior. The rainbow flag promotes not just pride in this behavior but the desire to take action to legally silence or publicly shame those who would disagree with it.”

He concludes, “We should not associate ourselves with symbols that are widely recognized to stand for something that is contrary to the deposit of Faith given to us by Christ and the apostles.”

Domenico Morelli’s Verlassen der Arche Noa Photo Credit: Domenico Morelli, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

What do you make of the Blackhawks decision to have their players forgo wearing a symbol promoting the sin of sodomy?

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