Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan via PowerfulJRE YouTube

UFC Commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan did not hold back during Tuesday’s episode when the topic of ‘transgender’ athletes came up. Rogan laid it out saying that the fact that biological men are competing against real women is a “fu**ing crime” and robs women’s sports of its integrity.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan via PowerfulJRE YouTube

The conversation that sparked the remarks was with Dr. Peter Attia, during which Rogan pushed back against the gender ideology propaganda that sex is socially determined and not biologically absolute.

He said, “I think we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord, but equality does not exist physically. That’s why we have weight classes. That’s why we should have the difference between females and males competing against each other, which is why … this trans athlete thing f***ing blows my mind how many people go along with this. It just blows my mind.”

Lia Thomas

William Thomas via ABC News YouTube

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Male swimmer William Thomas, who calls himself “Lia,” was used as an example since Thomas went from being a mediocre NCAA male swimmer to a NCAA champion ‘female’ swimmer once he started competing against women.

“Lia Thomas is still the number one swimmer in the world and it’s a biological male – period — end of discussion,” said Rogan. “It’s madness, and not only that —[he] hasn’t even gotten [his] penis removed and has sex with women, apparently — the whole thing is so crazy, that you can call yourself a woman and then you’re a woman.”

Rogan, who self-identifies as a liberal, has been a vocal advocate for defending the integrity of women’s sports, having also in the past criticized male MMA fighter Fallon Fox for brutalizing real women in during matches.

“This has nothing to do with trans rights,” he added. “It just has to do with humans. There’s a reason why we make a distinction, why men are not allowed to compete in the women’s division, but if you just decide you’re a woman and you compete in the woman’s division, and no one’s even allowed to regulate like what that means, and if you have any problem with that, you’re transphobic.”

“It has nothing to do with transphobic. We’re talking about fairness in sports. It’s crazy. It is absolutely crazy that this is still going on,” he exclaimed.

MMA fighter Boyd Burton who calls himself Fallon Fox via TMZ News YouTube

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Rogan also made note of the obvious, inarguable advantages that men have over women do to testosterone alone.

“What they’ve done to those other girls that are competing against her, it’s just a f***ing crime. It’s horrible. Imagine you’re a biological woman, you are working your ass off, you are fully dedicated to being the best of the best, you’re dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s, you are watching your diet, you’re watching your recovery, you are f***ing trying, and this person who just decides they’re a woman with testosterone flowing through their body for their entire life just dominates you.”

“It’s f***ing maddening,” Rogan proclaimed. “And it’s f***ing maddening that we have gotten into this ideological battle, this cultural end of the road ideological battle where we are allowing that. And where people will step up and virtue signal and defend this as if it has anything to do with being compassionate and considerate or trans rights and LGBTQ+AI whatever the f*** it is rights.”

Joe Rogan via The Joe Rogan Experience #1961 on Spotify

Rogan continued to call out how the LGBTQ+ gender ideology movement has been allowed to push our culture and policies while at the same time forcing society to ignore basic, scientific facts about what it is to be a human.

“It’s nonsense,” Rogan continued. “We are a society that needs a real problem, and we are fixating on these f***ing very strange issues and deciding that we’re going to correct all the inequities and inequality in the world by allowing these people to express their ‘truth.'”

“You’re encouraging mental illness. You’re encouraging virtue signaling. You’re encouraging mass ideology, [and] this ideological capture of an entire culture where people know things aren’t true — you know it’s not right, you know it’s not accurate, you know it’s not scientifically true – and yet people have to espouse these certain things because if they don’t, they’ll be labeled transphobic.”

“It’s f***ing wild,” he concluded. “And I never thought it was going to happen like this.”

Joe Rogan via Lex Fridman Podcast on Spotify

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