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UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, known critic of left-wing causes, called out those who continue to support the anti-law enforcement “Defund the Police” movement while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast this past week.

Joe Rogan and Jorge Masvidal via UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

“I grew up in not the best neighborhoods. Believe me, you don’t want to defund the police,” said the fighter. Masvidal firmly believes the less cops, the more crime will occur, especially in rough urban neighborhoods such as the one Masvidal grew up in.

Masvidal continued, “The people that will be alright is, like, you and me because I could hire a security team and so could you, but how about everybody else that can’t? They’re going to get f***ing murked, bro.”

He went on, “Because there’s people on the other side that are really f***ing hungry that are real, for real bad guys. You take the police away, you take that filter away, you’re asking for trouble.”

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It’s well known that in 2020, host Joe Rogan fled California due to the draconian COVID-19 mandates forced upon the people by Governor Gavin Newsom as well as other Democrats who locked down businesses, closed schools, all the while stoking division between law enforcement and the populace.

During the conversation, Rogan agreed with Masvidal about the freedoms and relative safety they now enjoy in Republican states such as Texas and Florida.

“I don’t believe in those same policies that socialism and communism spring up,” added Masvidal. “Anything to do with that, I’m firmly against that and we see it. It’s like a perfect example. Look what happened to California. Look what is going on in New York doing the whole thing.”

Jorge Masvidal via UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

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Rogan replied, “I get why people would think that it would work because they think they’re going to be a better person, we’re going to make things fair for people, but the problem is it just consolidates power in the top and they leave everybody fighting over everything else and it becomes chaos.”

“It happens in every country, it happens in every city,” he added. “Whenever they institute those kind of policies, crime goes up, people get fu**ed, they let more people out of jail, crime continues to go up.”

Source: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

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