Chase Elliott via Noah Lewis YouTube

Chase Elliott brought home his No. 9 NAPA Chevrolet Camaro in tenth place in his first race back since suffering a broken leg during a snowboarding accident in early March.

Chase Elliott via Skewcar YouTube

Following the race, Elliott updated the media on his injury and noted he’s not feeling any pain, but his leg and foot are still a little stiff.

He told a gaggle of press outlets, “I feel pretty good just about what, about what I expected. So that was a good thing. Definitely a tough race, probably more because I’ve been sitting on the couch for six weeks, more so than my leg. We’ll go home and get it tuned back up.”

After detailing how terrible his car was until the last run that culminated in the tenth place finish, he would provide some more details about his recovery.

Elliott said, “I feel fine, I’m certainly tired because I’ve been sitting on the couch like I said, but other than my leg’s stiff, my knee’s stiff, but I don’t hurt or anything like that. About where I thought I’d be.”

When asked if he would change his seat or anything for the upcoming race at Talladega, Elliott replied, “No. Honestly, I thought everything was really, was really good. And that’s just how I have it normally. We didn’t do anything inside the car. Fortunately, it was already kind of prepared for a left leg to be stabilized and in a good spot.”

Chase Elliott during the NOCO 400 at Martinsville via NASCAR YouTube

When asked how it felt to be back in the car, he responded, “I felt really good and I appreciate all the people from the fans to the other teams, other drivers, I feel like everybody was really warm and their welcoming me back and that didn’t go unnoticed so I appreciate that.”

“Now, we can just go back to work and hopefully get back to normal,” he added.

Elliott would also detail how proud he was of the Top 10 finish, “Like I said, I’m really proud to get in the Top 10. I thought that was really nice for how bad we ran today. And for being out of the car for over a month I thought was pretty solid for me. So I was pretty happy with that.”

Chase Elliott via Skewcar YouTube

Elliott is currently 31st in the NASCAR Cup Series Points Standings due to missing multiple races because of his leg injury. He’s currently 226 points behind current leader Christopher Bell.

As far as the playoff picture, he’s also in 31st place. He’s 130 points behind 16th place Alex Bowman, who currently holds the final playoff spot.

Elliott will definitely have his work cut out for him if he hopes to qualify for the playoffs and even if he does get in, he missed out on a number of opportunities to obtain playoff points. One easy to way to qualify for the playoffs is to win and it’s quite possible he can do that.

Chase Elliott during the NOCO 400 at Martinsville via NASCAR YouTube

What do you make of Elliott’s injury update after the Martinsville race?

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