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Kyle Busch via Noah Lewis YouTube

If you’re getting something out of Kyle Busch, you’re getting his uncensored opinion, especially when it comes to other drivers on the track.


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Ahead of this past weekend’s race at Talladega, Busch answered some questions from reporters about last week’s situation regarding Spire Motorsport driver Corey LaJoie at Martinsville Speedway. The former two-time champion and Richard Childress Racing driver was asked by a member of the press about his run-in with LaJoie as well as his opinion of the him.

“I don’t know. Ask everyone else,” responded Busch. “As far as him with me, he’s been a pain in the d*** to race with and pass for years — just coming up and lapping him and things like that. Every time I’m around him, it’s like he tries an extra 20% harder to make sure I stay behind him. Just not fun.”

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After Busch’s colorful response, he was then asked by another reporter to describe the Martinsville altercation on the track from his perspective.

“He was fading,” said Busch, “I was not that great, but I was just that much better than he was, and he was running the top lane, which was my lane. I tried to go to the bottom a couple times, and my car would not run on the bottom. I could not accelerate out of the turns without getting loose, and I kept getting loose and just barely nudging him and touching him a little bit, coming out of the corners.”

“And then he slammed down into me down the front stretch and admitted it on his podcast that he wanted to crash me and create a yellow. And didn’t get penalized even though Denny Hamlin did. So again, our inconsistency of consistency is — or the other way around — is impeccable.”


What Busch was referencing was LaJoie’s admission that he was intending to get a yellow by wrecking him.

“The underlying motive for everybody, and that’s kind of what got my frustration with Kyle Busch when we started to door-smash each other,” said Lajoie on last week’s episode of his Stacking Pennies podcast. “You get in those positions where, if you’re needing a yellow, and you’re needing to pit, you’re looking to wreck somebody. That’s what you get because you can’t afford to come down pit road and get stuck by a caution.”

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“I’m bleeding. I went from like 15th to 19th, 20th,” he continued. “My rear tires are blown off of it. Kyle’s going backwards too so he was frustrated but he drove into my left rear three different times off the corner. Boom! Like looking to cut my tire down. Maybe he wasn’t but after three times…”

“Once. OK. Two, alright dude. Three. OK mother*****. Come off 4 the next time and he drove in there again. Four times. It was like over the span of six laps just driving in. So he gets to my door and I just yank a left.”

Corey Lajoie

Corey LaJoie via NASCAR YouTube

Well, it seems like for the rest of the season, fans will keenly be paying attention to the Nos. 7 and 8 cars to see what might go down the next time those two get anywhere close to each other.

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