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Women’s sports advocate and former All-American swimmer Riley Gaines is now being accused of ‘spreading violence’ by the president of the Associated Students at San Francisco State University after a recent event hosted by the campus’ Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter turned violent due to protestors who stormed the event, resulting in Gaines being physically assaulted by a pro-transgender male protester as she attempted to leave.

Riley Gaines

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The Associated Students of San Francisco State, the university’s student governing body, issued a memo on Monday pointing the blame to TPUSA and Gaines instead of the protestors, going as far as to accuse them of intentionally spreading “hateful rhetoric and promotion of violence” at their event, despite the fact that it was the protestors who instigated the violence which forced Gaines to be held in another room for several hours by campus police out of concern for her safety while the protests continued.

“On the evening of Thursday, April 6, 2023, the SF State chapter of Turning Point USA hosted ‘Saving Women’s Sports with Riley Gaines’ on the SF State Campus, an event that promoted discriminatory rhetoric towards trans women athletes,” stated Associated Students President Karina Zamora.

In the memo, Zamora claimed that the university’s “Time, Place, and Manner (TPM)” policy was purposefully used and “weaponized to silence and threaten protestors.”

“I believe the ‘enforcement’ of TPM was weaponized to silence and threaten protestors and the presence of police was both excessive and uncalled for,” she added.

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“I, as President of Associated Students, condemn and stand against the hateful rhetoric and promotion of violence spread by TPUSA and Riley Gaines as well as the confrontational behavior of the behest of Campus Administration,” she went on to assert.

The irony of this whole thing is that it was the protestors who stormed the event space after the presentation, continued to hold their ground despite police instruction (and lack of enforcement), and it was Gaines who was the target and was still assaulted by a protestor.

Nevertheless, Zamora’s memo continued to call out the University’s president and the administration to “hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body.”

Riley Gaines

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“I call on campus administrators to work with out students and community to revisit and amend current policies and practices to uplift student voices and protect our student body, including transparency in publicly sharing with the AS Board of Directors how the university plans to move forward with a plausible action plan.”

Not once were the protestors condemned for their behavior or the violence they inflicted onto Gaines.

Associated Students of San Francisco State University Instagram

Gaines later reacted to the Associated Students memo, highlighting the phrases “Presence of police was excessive and uncalled for” as well as “Violence spread by Riley Gaines.”

“All for sharing my lived experience of competing against a male and why its harmful to not have sex protected sports,” she added. “At least we can agree that SFSU needs to hold themselves accountable.”

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It doesn’t seem like the culture of San Francisco State University will be changing anytime soon though, especially since the movement to normalize gender dysmorphia seems to even be promoted by the university’s athletic director, who claims that people generally believe that biological males have an advantage over women not because of proven biology, but because of “gender bias.”

“You’ll notice that especially transgender male to female is the one that people are focusing most on because it’s a gender bias in a way,” said athletics director Stephanie Shreive-Hawkins. “What does that say about women, that women aren’t strong?”

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