Chicago white sox
Fight among spectators at Chicago White Sox versus Baltimore Orioles game via keevekid Twitter

Is it really baseball season if there isn’t a couple of fan fights to truly kick things off? Well, over in Chicago during the game between the White Sox and the Orioles, a huge brawl broke out among fans in the bleachers where security seemed to be absent.

White Sox brawl

Source: HakunaMoncada__ Twitter

As you can see in footage uploaded to Twitter below, almost a dozen fans began throwing fists and headlocking each other on Saturday. Where was security you ask? Well, that seemed to be everyone’s question when you see how long it lasted.

The videos show several men and women in the middle of the fight, while other’s seem to be either dragged in by accident or instigated to take part. A younger woman is seen holding onto her nacho helmet for dear life, and even attempting to calm down an already violent situation before backing up to just let them duke it out.

Stadium food is expensive, I certainly wouldn’t risk dropping my plastic helmet full of nachos for some strangers fighting at a baseball game

A man in red who appears to be stadium security did eventually appear halfway through and attempts to get those surrounding the fight to back up, but it doesn’t appear like he has much control over the situation either.

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According to a witness statement provided to Fox News, the fight was calmed down, reignited, calmed down again, and then started back up in the span of fifteen minutes. Talk about getting some additional entertainment for the cost of a seat near the home plate.

Apparently, more people in the section continued to be dragged into the mix as one woman tossed her beverage at another woman who had been dragged over several seats when the physical altercation first began. From there, she tried to bum rush through a group of people to retaliate against her attacker but ended up just slipping down the stairs.

The cost of parking, seats, plus food and drinks at these games are already expensive enough, why they felt a potential hospital bill should be added to the mix seems to be beyond anyone who is rational watching this.


Well, as the lone security guy eventually showed up, the woman who tossed her drink at the other woman who had slipped down the stairs managed to grab her by the hair before getting smacked with a fist before a man came in tossing some extra punches in there.

Like an episode of Jerry Springer, spectators were left more confused after the fight than before it happened.

Good news for the Sox though — they won in a walk-off 7-6 against the Orioles.

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