Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. via Graham Bessinger YouTube

Despite facing the boors and jeers of NASCAR fans last weekend at the Craftsman Truck Series and the Cup Series All-Star Race, Bubba Wallace managed to secure two top 5 finishes. However, if you paid attention to what most people are talking about, the conversations have less to do with his performance on the track and more to do with his behavior.

Dale Earnhardt jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr. via Graham Bessinger YouTube

In Wallace’s defense came NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., who took up for Wallace in a recent episode of The Dale Jr. Download. The NASCAR scion recounted an incident he supposedly witnessed at Darlington Raceway prior to the All-Star event at North Wilkesboro.

“I was at Darlington a couple weeks ago, and it was the 75 greatest drivers all lined up on this stage,” said Dale Jr. “These are the greatest drivers who have been involved in the sport, all distinguishing and of varying ages. You would think it would be a moment where everyone would behave.” He noted that all the drivers received a rousing applause from those in attendance, but the mood changed and the clapping wained when Bubba walked on, with one person yelling negative comments at the driver.”

Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace via Skrewcar YouTube

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“Bubba get’s introduced and walks across the stage, and there’s this guy right in front of me, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, and others, screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘Go home! Go home! Go home!’ repeatedly and loudly as he could,” he continued. “Bubba Wallace puts up with more s*** than anybody deserves.”

Perhaps Dale seems to want to ignore the fact that Wallace has gone out of his way to alienate NASCAR fans. From crying wolf over a fake hate crime in the summer of 2020, attempting to jump onto the Black Lives Matter bandwagon as protests and riots were ripping apart the country, intentionally trying to harm popular driver Kyle Larson on the track, and most recently flipping the bird, maybe the attitude towards Bubba is well deserved.

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Either way, no one can criticize Wallace unless they want to get pulled into accusations of racism, since when it comes to Bubba, that’s what his defenders claim any criticism ultimately amounts to.

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