Jamaal Jarrett
Jamaal Jarrett via Georgia Bull Dogs YouTube

Georgia football recruit Jamaal Jarrett is getting dragged by folks on Twitter after making a clearly racist remark during a live stream of the NFL Draft last week.

Jamaal Jarrett

Jamaal Jarrett via Georgia Bull Dogs YouTube

Jarrett, who is a four-star defensive tackle recruit, started saying “C’mon you Asian ching chong” during a livestream of the draft when an Asian child was brought up to announce who the Falcons’ eighth pick would be. Well, it was heard whether he wanted people to hear it or not, and now many football fans are unhappy and hoping for an apology.

“Suspend him and public apology needed,” tweeted one user

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Other’s commenting on Jarrett’s derogative remarks took things a little further and began to say that his behavior was typical of University of Georgia athletes.

“Are you surprised?” another Twitter user commented. “That’s the culture at Georgia.”

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YouTuber John Matrixx also weighed in saying, “Pretty dumb right there, if you ask me. Really, really dumb.”

He later said, “That young kid up there, he was just announcing the pick, he wasn’t actually making a pick. He was just announcing the pick. Yeah. Pretty dumb by this guy.”

The racial remark was said during a livestream of the draft on Jarrett’s Instagram account when he was anticipating that the Falcons would draft fellow Georgia Bulldog Jalen Carter, who is already in a serious legal situation of his own.

Carter had been accused and charged in a reckless driving incident that led to the death of a fellow player, offensive lineman Devin Willock, as well as team staffer Chandler LeCroy while allegedly street racing until he crashed the vehicle into a power pole the same night the team had just won their national championship victory over TCU.

Since the crash, Carter has been able to roam freely after submitting a no contest plea to the misdemeanor charges.

Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter via 6abc Philadelphia YouTube

As if nothing could make this whole situation even more of a PR nightmare for him and Georgia, the child that Jarrett specifically made the comment towards lost his father several years ago to brain cancer. The young boy was there as part of an opportunity given to him by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program.

As far as the draft was concerned, Carter was not drafted by the Falcons, who instead chose Texas Longhorns running back Bijan Robinson. Carter was eventually picked up by the Eagles with the No. 9 pick.

What is your take on the situation? Should Jarrett issue an apology to the child?

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