Former Swimmer Makes Controversial Claim
William Thomas as Lia Thomas via ESPN YouTube

Male Swimmer “Lia” Thomas Now Goes After Feminists Who Refuse To Conform To Trans Agenda, Accuses Them Of Pushing “Transphobic Beliefs”

The time has arrived, and now male swimmer William Thomas, commonly referred to by the liberal press and conformist academia as “Lia” the “female” collegiate swimmer, is beginning to aim his sights on a new enemy — feminists.

Lia Thomas
William Thomas via Good Morning America YouTube

In a recent podcast interview with Schuyler Bailar, a female swimmer who claims to be a man and competed against men in college, Thomas called out some of his female teammates as transphobic because they petitioned the NCAA to bar him from competing against women.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, we respect Lia, as a woman, as a trans woman or whatever, we respect her identity, we just don’t think it’s fair.’ I think you can’t really have that sort of half-support where you’re like, ‘Oh, I respect her as a woman here, but not here,” said Thomas during the podcast.

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Thomas would also assert, “They’re using the guise of feminism to sort of push transphobic beliefs. I think a lot of people in that camp sort of carry an implicit bias against trans people, but don’t want to, I guess, fully manifest or speak that out. And so they try to just play it off as this sort of half-support.”

Congratulations feminists, now the men who are masquerading as women are now ‘mansplaining’ real feminism to you. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Schuyler Bailar
Schuyler Bailar via TheEllenShow YouTube

Bailar agreed with Thomas completely, and went so far as to say that women who may even identify as feminists have “twisted” feminism to, and I kid you not, exclude “transgender” people.

“I think about how twisted ‘feminism’ has become, and it’s turned into — feminism is excluding women, first of all, which it’s not. It’s reducing women — their arguments, you know, in order to exclude the people like you or to exclude anybody in the trans category you have to reduce women to reproductive capacity, which is, in my opinion, extremely anti-feminist,” Bailar said.

Lia Thomas
William Thomas via New York Post YouTube

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The movement has now gone nearly full circle, men pretending to be women must now defeat the real women, who at one point may have been the allies that helped them progress this far. Women must now submit to a new, twisted patriarchy. A patriarchy where those at the top of the pyramid of oppression are called “her” not “he,” and “she” happens to have testicles.

A brave new world indeed.

There is a name for the enemy of the trans-woman, pro-transgender ideologues and activists call them TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists). People such as British author and far-leftist J.K. Rowling, who has since become persona non-grata in respectable society the last several years because Rowling refused to bow to the movement that she felt was erasing women.

J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling via The Rowling Library YouTube

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The hostilities towards the “TERFs” goes beyond just words, former MMA fighter Boyd Burton, a man pretending to be a woman and using the name Fallon Fox, bragged about crippling and beating up his female opponents.

“One woman’s skull was fractured, the other not,” Burton said in 2022 regarding two previous competitors she labeled TERFs. “And just so you know, I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TERFS in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It’s bliss! Don’t be mad.”

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Recently, Thomas became the poster child for the Biden Administration’s campaign to permanently change Title IX by forcing schools (K-8) to allow boys to compete and share locker space with girls.

This is something Thomas himself has actively been pushing for, especially since he, who has not fully committed to genital surgery to complete his ‘transition’ to becoming a faux-woman, is according to teammates still sexually attracted to biological women and still has his penis. This change to Title IX would create a breeding ground for physical and sexual assault, and even potentially rape.

Lia Thomas
William Thomas as Lia Thomas via ABC News YouTube

Women’s sports advocate and former competitor against Thomas, Riley Gaines, spoke out in opposition to a recent propaganda video featuring Thomas parroting the Biden Administration’s radical talking points to push through these changes.

“Under the guise of competitive fairness? Are you really trying to say you would have won a national title against the men?” Gaines posted to Twitter. “Does it not break your heart to see women lose out on these opportunities? The Biden Admins proposed bill denies science, truth, and common sense.”

“This take is selfish and shows an utter disregard for women. The Biden Administration is actively and aggressively working to pass laws that erase decent and fair treatment for women in sports.”

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