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NFL Stars Aaron Rodgers And David Bakhtiari Criticize Senator Dianne Feinstein’s ‘Unusual’ Stock Trades

But the Senator’s health wasn’t the issue that Rodgers and his buddy, Bakhtiari, really had a problem with. Instead, they took to social media to address the post from Unusual Whales about Feinstein’s finances.

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The QB and the big offensive tackle specifically targeted a point the site made regarding the 89-year-old Feinstein and her late husband, Richard Blum. They reportedly sold millions in Allogene Therapeutics stock before the market took a tumble in 2020. The post added that they also made a $1 million purchase in Amyris Biotechnologies in 2009 before the company received a government contract.

That didn’t sit well with the two former Packer pals.

“How are we as a nation just ‘cool’ with actions like this? It’s cheating in broad daylight,” the three-time Pro Bowler Bakhtiari tweeted. Rodgers, who was traded by Green Bay to the New York Jets on April 26, appeared to agree.

“Finally Dave, #thisgifisyou,” he added on Twitter with a gif of Ryan Reynolds in the movie “Free Guy.”

Aaron Rodgers has discussed several controversial and even strange topics in the past, including his theory on UFOs, his support of current Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and (most notably) his stance on COVID-19 and its treatment. Part of his appeal to his fan base is that he’s fearless in his opinions.

Rodgers will make his first career start as a Jet on September 11th, when New York hosts the Buffalo Bills.

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