In the last few years, Tom Brady has seemingly been caught in a Godfather scenario with his pro football career. Every time he tries to get out, he gets pulled right back in.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (end of the right) via House of Highlights YouTube

The legendary quarterback retired from the NFL following the 2022 season, but he still remains one of the game’s most talked-about figures. After taking a year off from football, Brady was expected to join the broadcast team at FOX. However, recent reports indicate that the seven-time Super Bowl Champion might end up passing on his 10-year, $375 million contract with the network.

Tom Brady, 45, is generally considered the greatest QB in league history and one of the most decorated American athletes of all time. He’s been a fixture in practically every-other Super Bowl since the year 2001. That’s why his multiple hints at retirements and temporary departures have always led to speculation.

So despite his statement in January, there are many who think that he will either play again or seek some other venture besides broadcasting.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady via Tampa Bay Buccaneers YouTube

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In a recent New York Post article, columnist Andrew Marchand surmised that Brady may forego the deal with FOX Sports, due to re-thinking his original, 10-year commitment. Marchand’s column put forth the theory that there’s a “51% chance” that Brady will not go through with the deal, based on conversations he has had with people close to the athlete, adding that it’s “fluctuating.”

Marchand also wrote that Brady’s primary hangup on the deal may be that he would not be able to give it his attention 100 percent, and the three-time NFL MVP might not want to travel as much as the position would entail.

Frankly, my guess is it’s that number “10.” That’s a long time for a man who just spent his entire 45 years on Earth playing football to commit to in a new industry.


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However, the former Patriot and Buccaneer quickly responded to the Post article, saying there was no truth behind the opinion advance by their columnist. Brady called Marchand’s story “Fake News.”

After Sports Illustrated posted the initial story on Instagram, that was Brady’s retort. A simple, two-word statement.

Tom Brady calls reports about him ditching his Fox deal 'fake news.'


Brady is expected to be positioned as FOX’s top star alongside, and eventually succeeding, fellow Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. The former Steelers great was a star on the field – to say the least, the man has four Super Bowl rings — but became a pop culture icon in a 40-year career as a commentator, eventually moving on to film and TV.

Potentially the greatest NFL star of all time, Tom Brady played for 23 seasons. He was a 15-time Pro Bowler and won three league MVP awards. His accolades are so far-reaching that his name fills the record books. He leaves the game as its all-time leader in completions (7,753), yards (89, 214), and touchdowns (649).

He won a Super Bowl MVP award when he was 43 years old and boasts seven Super Bowl rings to show for all his trouble.

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