Some Now Calling For Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass To Be Released Following LGBTQ Controversy, Apology

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Major League Baseball has experienced a ton of negative feedback recently due to their support of some more radical LGBTQ groups, not the least of which is going on in Toronto. Reliever Anthony Bass recently shared an Instagram post that stressed his Christian values and how it affects his view of the issue. However, he quickly deleted it.

Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass “truly sorry” for anti-LGBTQ2 Instagram post | Global News

Now, some fans and media members are saying the Blue Jays should cut ties with Bass. He was also booed when he made his first appearance at home after the social media post, despite removing it and issuing a public apology. It’s become yet another story involving the tightrope that MLB has been walking in terms of acknowledging the growing LGBTQ community, without alienating its core fanbase.

In Bass’ case, the pitcher shared a post on his Instagram Story urging Christians to boycott companies like Target and Bud Light. Both brands have received harsh criticism for their stances on the current LGBTQ and transgender movement.

After being attacked on social media, Bass relented, backtracked, and issued an apology earlier this week. However, he still received a smattering of boos when he made an appearance for the Jays two nights later.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologizes for his views, via

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“I’ll make this quick,” Anthony Bass said. “I recognize yesterday that I made a post that was hurtful to the pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine, and I am truly sorry for that.”

Then, he looked to add some closure to his statement by discussing inclusiveness.

“I just spoke with my teammates and shared with them my actions yesterday. I apologized (to) them and, as of right now, I am using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate myself to make better decisions moving forward. The ballpark is for everybody. We include all fans at the ballpark and we want to welcome everybody.”

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Despite Anthony Bass’ hope that his attempt to make amends would sweep everything under the rug, it’s not quite working out that way. As the pressure is mounting on the team to send the 35-year-old righty packing, the local media just isn’t letting the story go away.

On top of that, he’s also receiving fire from the other side of the equation. As we are starting to see, most fans don’t have a problem with a pro athlete voicing their opinion. Especially in this current political climate.

However, Bass committed the cardinal sin of recoiling from his original thought. That’s something that can often be a public relations nightmare. It reflects a weakness in character and conviction in the eyes of some – particularly those who make up the faithful Christian right.

For now, it seems like Anthony Bass’ job in Toronto is safe, nor is the club expected to discipline him any further. Although his stats, along with all the dust he’s stirred up recently, would be enough to justify letting him go.

Bass is 0-0 in 21 relief appearances, with a high 4.32 ERA in 2023. His Blue Jays sit at 30-27. As of Friday, the team sits at 30-27, fourth in the AL East and 9.5 games behind Tampa Bay. The Rays currently have MLB’s best record at 40-18.

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