Will Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass Be Booed Out of Toronto After Sharing Pro-Christian, Anti-LGBTQ Post?

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Blue Jays reliever Anthony Bass just can’t seem to escape the media storm that has been raining down on him. After sharing a pro-Christian post that called for a boycott of brands like Target and Bud Light for their stance on controversial LGBTQ issues, the pitcher is ready for it all to just go away.

Anthony Bass

Anthony Bass throws some heat in D.C., via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, it hasn’t. And the mob surrounding Bass is growing, as fans and media gather their pitchforks and torches in Toronto. There is going to be a reckoning – one way or the other.

This all stems from Bass sharing a video on his Instagram Story that commented on the current concerns among many that Major League Baseball may be becoming too ‘woke’. With controversy brewing in multiple cities currently – especially Los Angeles – teams have been trying to find the right way to respectfully honor members of all faiths, backgrounds, and communities.

Something that may not be possible.

Unfortunately, there’s no pleasing everyone. And Anthony Bass is starting to learn that the hard way in The Great White North.

The 35-year-old righthander was showered with boos when he made his return last week, and there has been more and more sentiment around town that the team should cut ties with him. All this comes despite the fact that Bass already apologized for his supposed societal faux pas.

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After sharing a video that promoted his personal values – ones deemed offensive enough to the gay community that he must pay for it one way or another – the pitcher did a complete 180-degree turn and apologized to the media and fans.

“I’ll make this quick,” Anthony Bass said. “I recognize yesterday that I made a post that was hurtful to the pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine, and I am truly sorry for that.”

That turned out to be a crucial mistake. But in the opposite direction. Bass’s apology infuriated the religious right and those in the conservative movement for failing to stand up for his values. Many of them are now saying that the flip-flopping reflects a lack of courage on his part.

For now, it seems like Anthony Bass’ job in Toronto is safe, nor is the club expected to discipline him any further. Bass is 0-0 in 22 relief appearances, with a high 4.26 ERA in 2023. His Blue Jays are currently fourth in the American League East Division with a 33-27 record.

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