Dodgers Host Faith And Family Day Weeks After Inviting Anti-Christian Drag Queens To Their Pride Night Event

Dodgers host Faith & Family Night | Los Angeles Dodgers via YouTube

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted a Faith and Family Night this week, not long after their LGBTQ Pride Night featured anti-Catholic troupe, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The mixed message seemed to have many people scratching their heads.

Clayton Kershaw, pitching for the Dodgers | KTLA via YouTube

Longtime pitcher Clayton Kershaw was one of the more vocal team leaders when it came to the Sisters’ appearance at the Dodger Stadium Pride Night. The lefty is a devout Christian and, while acknowledging the rights of the organization, he went on record saying that he didn’t agree with their involvement.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were initially asked not to attend due to their controversial tactics. The men in the group mockingly dress up like Catholic nuns. Their standard ‘uniform’ includes a nun’s habit and wimple, along with clownish makeup.

The group’s mission statement claims that its goal is to “use drag and religious imagery to satirize issues of sex, gender, and morality.” And while the group doesn’t have a history of violent acts, they are so outlandish that their performance seems almost more important than the cause they claim to represent. To many, they are simply a hate group aimed at defaming the church, and they bashed the Dodgers organization for backpedaling and allowing the blasphemous faction back into the festivities.

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While the event seemed to be successful, it didn’t go without its share of polarizing politics. Many critics scoffed at the Dodgers for holding this event, stating that it was basically a ‘make good’ for the calamity surrounding their LGBTQ Pride Night on June 16.

Still, that didn’t stop the Dodgers and multiple Christian denominations from taking part in an event that saw not only Kershaw but also Hollywood star Chris Pratt and other notable names speak. And there were little to no objections outside the ballpark, something that was not the case during the Pride Night Event. Multiple members of the Catholic faith were joined by sympathetic followers to pray and protest that event.

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Known for his roles in Parks and Recreation and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt also threw the game’s ceremonial first pitch to Kershaw.

The Dodgers say they plan to make Faith & Family Day an annual occurrence once again at Chavez Ravine. Until this week, the club hadn’t hosted the event since 2019 – before the COVID pandemic struck.

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