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Men shouldn’t compete with women, Enes Kanter Freedom, recently argued. Then, in order to prove his point, he took things a step further by claiming he could put on a wig and dominate the WNBA.

Enes Kanter Freedom: On China, NBA Hypocrisy, LeBron & Cena | YouTube

Over the weekend, the former NBA player wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, about how that men don’t belong in women’s spaces while presumably taking shots at transgender athletes.

“Men don’t belong in women’s spaces. Restrooms – Locker Rooms or Sports,” the former post-player, posted. “Since I’m blackballed from the NBA, should I put on a wig, identify as a woman and start dominating the WNBA?

“Is that when the outrage will begin? Is that fair to all the women who spent their whole life chasing their goals? Where are all the Women Rights Activists and Feminists?!”

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Enes Kanter has been celebrated by fans and media for his love of America, and for emigrating from Turkey. He professed his love for the nation’s lack of oppression by changing his last name to ‘Freedom’ in 2021.

Since then, he has spoken out on several important social issues, including the clash of cultures when it comes to transgender athletes being involved in women’s competitions. That also recently led Kanter Freedom to engage in a bit of a social media blowup with WNBA player Natasha Cloud, when she called the country, “trash” in a Tweet.

“Just ask your colleague Brittney Griner how ‘trash’ America is,” Kanter Freedom tweeted. “Calling America trash huh? Let me know when your season is over, I’ll buy your ticket and we can go together to counties like China, Russia, IRAN, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, & Turkey.”

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