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Former San Jose State University athletic trainer Scott Shaw pleaded guilty to sexual assault in court last week and will now face two years in prison. Shaw was originally accused of the activity in 2009 by NCAA swimmer Caitlin Macky, as well as several others. However, he was able to get past those original allegations, that is until now.

Spartan Athletic Center | ABC7 News Bay Area

Macky, now 33 and far past her NCAA career, viewed the plea as a bittersweet victory. One that has been a long time – over a decade – in the making.

“It’s a little bit maddening to go through a whole trial, and 12 years of this person vehemently denying everything, then all of a sudden he shows up and admits to that,” Macky told The Mercury News. “Everyone called us liars for so long.

The former swimmer, who testified against Shaw during the trial, concluded with, “It does feel better that it’s out there, and it’s public record.”

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At least 17 female NCAA athletes complained about Shaw’s behavior beginning in 2010, prompting swim coach Sage Hopkins to take action on the swimmers’ behalf. The concerns surrounded inappropriate touching of the breasts, areola, and buttocks for shoulder and back injuries. However, Shaw was originally cleared by the school of any wrongdoing. It’s a decision that SJSU regrets now.

“Those who were harmed by the actions of Scott Shaw shouldered a burden for years and patiently waited for their day in court,” San Jose State University said in a statement. “We hope they feel some vindication in this result. The university is committed to preventing sexual misconduct and will be vigilant in protecting our campus community.”

SJSU has paid more than $5 million in settlements to more than two dozen former NCAA athletes and hired a new university president, athletic director, and head of its Title IX office since the scandal resurfaced a few years ago.

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