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The wild and weird story of the so-called ‘Liver King’ has been a bizarre one from the beginning. His strange rise to pseudo-fame, along with his downfall for admitting he fabricated a huge portion of his life’s story, should have seen him disappear from the public conscience. But just like the liver itself, his name has been regenerated and is making headlines again.

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As many know by now, The Liver King (whose real name is Brian Johnson) rose to fame by claiming he achieved a superhuman physique through what he referred to as an “ancestral lifestyle.” Those principles included his nine tents that revolved around ‘sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond.’

However, his most dangerous premise was that he achieved pure health by eating a diet heavy in unprocessed meat – like liver, which is where his moniker came from. It was a claim that drew serious concern from health and nutrition experts, who warned of its potential dangers.

When it was exposed that Johnson had lied and had used performance-enhancing drugs to build his bulk, the jig was finally up.

The 46-year-old responded to the allegations, told the truth, and promised to quit steroids. That seemed as if it would be the time that the story would die down, and the Liver King’s 15 minutes of fame would slowly fade into our distant memories.

However, this is the age of the internet and where the modern world is more like South Park than whatever sane-existence we remember once living, so obviously that didn’t last long.

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Now the Liver King says he can’t do it anymore. He’s back on the gas and ready to get jacked again. He says his noticeable loss of weight and power led him back to anabolic enhancement.

“I don’t like the idea that became the reality of losing a lot of strength,” he said in an online video. Ultimately, this led him to retake steroids again, announcing “I have decided to go back on it, I am taking testosterone. It’s a cream. I do three clicks of it a day. I’m also doing a growth hormone.

“The commitment that I made to my boys, to my family, to all the primals out there, is I would never lie again.”

Sure bud. In a strange way, its nice to see him embracing his roided out, testical-eating self.

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