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Mark Cuban Explains Why He Smokes Out Habitual Marijuana Users From The Dallas Mavericks Roster

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has always been a hands-on and highly visible NBA owner. The billionaire businessman is as passionate about his team as the fans are, and it shows in how he runs his team. However, Cuban recently admitted that he ‘weeds out’ players who might enjoy a little too much of the sweet, sweet cheeba.

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In a recent interview with The Pat Bev Pod, the 65-year-old billionaire talked about marijuana use in the NBA, and he openly admitted it’s played a role in his decision to trade players. Not for the use of cannabis, necessarily, but for the over-use of it.

“I’ve traded guys because they smoke too much,” Mark Cuban stated during the conversation. “If you get some young dudes on there who are just figuring out what the team or NBA culture is, and you’ve got one dude that you walk down the hall in the hotel and you know he’s on that floor and there’s no doubt about it, and then all of a sudden these other kids start picking up on it.

“You see them coming out of their room. You see them a little bit red-eyed coming to practice all of a sudden. You don’t want them going down that road.”

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“Everybody smokes, right?” The Dallas Mavericks owner continued. “It’s not about that, but there’s smoking, there’s how powerful the s**t you’re doing is, and then there’s how much you do.

“If you get past that level and there’s a chance you might drag somebody with you, you got to look at the bigger picture.”

Based on his track record, it’s easy to see that Mark Cuban isn’t just blowing smoke. Sometimes criticized by fans and his fellow owners for being so vocal, he’s also been effective since acquiring the Mavericks in 2000 for $285 million from H. Ross Perot Jr. Following that, he became incredibly aggressive and dedicated to winning, bringing the players to Dallas that delivered the city its only NBA Championship in 2011.

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