Trevor Bauer during his time with the Reds | SCREENSHOT: PastimeAthletics/YouTube

The woman whose allegations led Major Baseball to investigate – and eventually suspend – pitcher Trevor Bauer for domestic abuse incidents is speaking out after Bauer himself began sharing his side of the story.

Trevor Bauer with his famous ‘warm-up stick’ | MLBGlobal12/YouTube

Lindsey Hill, of San Diego, was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order on June 28, 2021, alleging that she had met Trevor Bauer on April 21 and that she had been physically and sexually assaulted by him on two separate occasions. Bauer acknowledged that he did in fact have a sexual relationship with Hill, but that it was mutually consensual.

Bauer also faces allegations from other women, but it was Hill’s story that gained the most attention. Many critics say that’s because she intended it to. Bauer himself feels as if he has been the victim of a set-up and extortion attempt, and he recently released text messages that appear to back up his case. But during her recent interview with right-wing YouTuber Alex Stein, Hill reiterated that her beef with Bauer wasn’t about money; it was about justice. She says this is just the hurler’s attempt to save face and possibly weasel his way back into MLB.

“This is exactly what Trevor wanted to do, randomly pick three or four texts and weave it into a narrative where I just look horrible,” Hill told the hosts. “I explained that in my deposition. I like to joke. I’m very sarcastic. Sometimes inappropriate, anyone who knows me will know that. And these are private text messages with my friends.

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“In my past, I’ve been involved with other baseball players, that was my world at the time. It was a funny, sarcastic way to say, “Oh, here’s the next one I’m going to try to get attention from.” It was a lot of ego and attention-seeking behavior, which I can own but these texts in the grand scheme don’t address what happened at all. This was before our interactions or anything like that.”

It all started out as merely a ‘he-said-she-said’ discussion, before things the show started working blue. There was a LOT of chatter about Hill’s sexual encounters with Trevor Bauer, and she didn’t seem to mind sharing some of the more ‘intimate’ details of her time with the pitcher – which she says occurred from April to late June 2021.

Trevor Bauer pitching for the Reds | SCREENSHOT: PastimeAthletics/YouTube

Throughout the interview, Stein seemed more interested in flirting with Hill rather than actually asking hard-hitting questions. For example, in one exchange, the host tells Trevor Bauer’s accuser, “We want to keep you in our thoughts and prayers and if you do decide to start an OnlyFans, make sure to text me that link.”

So it wasn’t necessarily journalism at its finest, and it certainly didn’t clear up this cloudy picture at all. In the end? Trevor Bauer may be a vile and disgusting human being. Or? He could be a victim who lost millions of dollars because he chose the wrong woman to sleep with. Either way, this story has no happy ending.

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