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Think you have some weird pre-game rituals? Think again

Alright, sports fans, buckle up! We’re about to venture into the wild and whimsical world of sports superstitions and rituals. It’s where logic takes a backseat, and belief grabs the steering wheel. These quirky practices may raise eyebrows, but hey, if it works for them, who are we to judge?

Michael Jordan
The most common view of Michael Jordan. At Boston Garden, via Wikimedia

Michael Jordan’s Lucky Charm Shorts

NBA’s main man, Michael Jordan, wasn’t just about air time and buzzer-beaters. His secret weapon? A pair of University of North Carolina shorts hitching a ride under his Chicago Bulls gear for good luck. Talk about doubling up!

Serena Williams’ Sock Saga

Serena Williams, the queen of the tennis court, has a peculiar foot fetish—she sticks to one pair of socks throughout a tournament. Stinky or not, she’s convinced it’s the fabric of her fortune.

Wade Boggs’ Clucky Routine

The Chicken Man of MLB, Wade Boggs, had a fowl ritual of gobbling chicken before every game. His bird-brained superstition also included a strict schedule of batting and sprinting rituals.

Jason Terry’s Short Story

NBA’s Jason Terry had a bedtime tradition like no other—he snoozed in the shorts of his next-game opponents. That’s one way to get into your rival’s head—or shorts, rather.

Rafael Nadal’s Bottled Order

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal’s water bottle lineup is like a military drill. Everything has to be perfectly aligned, label out, for that sense of control and order. It’s less about hydration, more about precision.

Brian Urlacher’s Cookie Fix

NFL’s tough guy Brian Urlacher had a sweet tooth for victory, munching on two chocolate chip cookies before each game. A cookie a day keeps the losses away, perhaps?

Patrick Roy’s Goalpost Gossip

NHL goalie Patrick Roy had a chatty relationship with his goalposts. He believed his metal friends could sway the puck’s fate, a case of the goalpost whisperer.

LeBron James’ Chalky Cloud

LeBron James’ pre-game chalk toss was the stuff of legends, a ritual that created more buzz than a beehive, turning a messy routine into an iconic sports moment.

Moises Alou’s Pee-lieve it or Not

Moises Alou, MLB’s outfielder, believed in the magic of urine to toughen up his hands. It’s not just strange; it’s pee-culiar!

Lyoto Machida’s Morning Elixir

MMA fighter Lyoto Machida’s morning ritual could make you gag—he swore by drinking his own urine. Talk about a hardcore wake-up call!

From lucky shorts to pee-pee practices, these athletes prove that in the high-stakes world of professional sports, sometimes it’s the oddball routines and bizarre beliefs that keep them grounded and ready to face the game. Whether it’s mind over matter or just plain old habit, these rituals are as much a part of the game as the scores and stats.

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