Nick Wright, the host of Fox Sports 1's First Things First, received pushback on social media after an unhinged rant directed at New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
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Nick Wright, the host of Fox Sports 1’s First Things First, received pushback on social media after an unhinged rant directed at New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Wright went off on Rodgers for a variety of reasons but the main crux of his issue seems to relate to the Jets signal caller’s past comments and actions regarding the COVID vaccine.

Nick Wright in his natural state, looking confused – Screenshot: First Things First YouTube Video

Wright’s main concern is that Aaron Rodgers has been misleading about his vaccination status and his retirement considerations. Wright also points out that Rodgers has been inconsistent in his statements about wanting to play for the Jets and his role in the team’s personnel decisions.

The New York Jets this week announced that their star quarterback would not return this season despite Rodgers flirting with the idea for months. Rodgers also this week, during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, said his critics should express their vaccination status before speaking since he believes that clouds their judgment of him.

Any outrage to that notion would be ironic since players’ careers and lives were altered by the NFL forcing them to express their vaccination status for the privilege to play during the height of the pandemic.

Anyway, Wright was super-outraged with Rodgers for several things. Even more so than the fact that a vision-impaired child dressed him before appearing on the show.

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Nick Wright Furious With Aaron Rodgers For Being ‘Disingenuous’

Speaking on a Wednesday episode of the daily Fox Sports morning talk show First Things First, Nick Wright, who has never played any sport at any level, went off on Aaron Rodgers.

“You were disingenuous about the vaccine, that was annoying. Not that status, the way you did it,” Wright kicked off his argument. “You were disingenuous about your retirement status, 90 percent retired. You were disingenuous about coming out of the dark room. I’m going to play for the Packers, that was my only goal.”

He later added, “You’re now disingenuous about your own comeback, which you were disingenuous about the entire time.”

Wright continued the vaccination angle, betraying the fact that this is what’s really behind the rant.

“Let me be fair, I’m going to do exactly what Aaron said, because Aaron said before you comment on him, you should have to disclose your vaccination status, so double-vaxxed, Pfizer, not boosted. Now, does that impact my opinion on Aaron Rodgers? No,” Wright said.

My guy, judging by the wide-eyed rant while dressed like a transitioning Carrot Top, the odds of you not being boosted are about the same as you not secretly owning 12 cats. Both are very, very likely.

“The commentary is not about your vaccination status,” he said after making it clear it was about his vaccination status, “it’s about you being the most disingenuous athlete of my lifetime.”

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Nick Wright Gets Blasted On X

To be clear, Nick Wright got some level of praise initially for his take on Aaron Rodgers. But as time went on, X social media users started laying into him.

One user pointed out that Wright used to routinely defend Aaron Rodgers until and around the time of his COVID vaccine controversy. At that point, like every other journalism major was doing, Wright accused the former Packers quarterback of lying and mocked him for testing positive for the virus.

Oddly enough, since that time, the only people testing positive for COVID are the vaccinated. But that’s a whole other topic we’re sure Rodgers would love to discuss.

“He just wants him (Rodgers) to acknowledge him so bad,” another user mockingly said of Wright.

“It’s not like people were ok with the answer ‘I choose not to get vaccinated,'” another person pointed out.

Several others called Wright some variation of the word ‘clown’ or used emojis to express the same.

“Nick Wright looks like the perennial benchwarmer like Keith Olbermann,” another X user quipped. “Jealous much Nick?”

Of course, he is. On one end of the argument, you have a future Hall of Fame NFL quarterback. On the other, a guy who raids Paul Reuben’s closet before television appearances and got a degree in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University.

Might as well have just pulled it from a Cracker Jack box.

Speaking of being “disingenuous,” would anybody like to remind Nick Wright about the time he completely fabricated a story about the 2015 NBA Finals MVP voting process?

If only Pfizer came out with a vaccination for stupid takes.