Former NCAA star swimmer and advocate for women's sports, Riley Gaines, has been named as the cover model of the "Real Women of America" 2024 Calendar.
"Real Women of America" 2024 calendar. (Conservative Dad's Ultra Right Beer)

Former NCAA star swimmer and advocate for women’s sports, Riley Gaines, has been named as the cover model of the “Real Women of America” 2024 Calendar.

Riley Gaines
Riley Gaines via Fox Nation YouTube

The calendar is the brainchild of Seth Weathers, CEO of Conservative Dad’s ‘Ultra Right’ Beer.

The ‘anti-woke’ beer company was launched by Weathers following the disastrous Bud Light public relations fiasco resulting in a brief partnership with transgender TikTok sensation, Dylan Mulvaney.

But, Weathers assures everyone, the ‘Real Women of America’ calendar is not a threat to transgender athletes or individuals.

“This calendar is in no way intended to discredit transwomen… because there is no such thing as a ‘transwoman,'” he told Fox Business.

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Riley Gaines – Calendar Cover Model

Weathers promoted his ‘Real Women of America’ calendar to Fox Business, saying men who like beautiful women is a perfectly reasonable thing, unlike men who pretend to be women.

“We’ve reached incredibly stupid times when it’s ‘controversial’ to say men can’t be women,” Weathers said. “This calendar will serve as a reminder, men can never replace the beautiful women of America.”

Gaines is featured on the cover in a spectacular image, ‘ultra-right’ bikini, poolside, with a beer. And God bless… it’s worth a look.

10% of the sales of the ‘Real Women’ calendar will go to the Riley Gaines Center to protect women’s sports from “extreme leftist ideology seeking to destroy women’s athletics.”

Once you get inside the cover with the ‘Real Women of America’, there’s plenty more to see.

The calendar, according to Conservative Dad, features “the most beautiful conservative women in America.”

Also gracing the pages of this 2024 calendar are: Peyton Drew, Josie The Redheaded Libertarian, Catalina Lauf, Brittany Jean, Bethany Bartlett, radio host Dana Loesch, former congressional candidate Kim Klacik, Ashley St. Clair, and Sara Gonzales.

You can check out a sneak peek of some of the calendar entries by clicking here. You won’t regret doing it.

The company describes their effort as “a celebration of conservative women.”

Celebrate responsibly.

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Gaines Lights Up Congresswoman

Gaines, the calendar cover model and one of the most beautiful female athletes in America, made quick work of Representative Summer Lee after the congresswoman accused her of being “transphobic.”

The dustup took place during a recent congressional hearing in which Gaines insisted sports are for everybody but not at the expense of keeping women and girls safe.

“Of course, there is a place for everyone, regardless of gender identity, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of race or what sports you play. There’s a place for everyone to play sports in this country,” Gaines said.

“But unsafe, unfair and discriminatory practices towards women must stop. Inclusion cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness, and ranking member Lee, if my testimony makes me transphobic then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist.”

A smoke show just smoked Summer.

‘Ultra Right’ this past summer released a parody video absolutely obliterating Bud Light for dipping their little toes in the woke pool.

This past October they produced beer cans featuring former President Donald Trump’s mugshot and immediately brought in over half a million dollars.

If seeing Riley Gaines in a calendar of the hottest American women isn’t enough, you can catch her in the Daily Wire film titled, Lady Ballers.