Some people think it’s okay to mock or disrespect professional wrestlers.

Those people would be wrong.

Such was the case of a popular Australian morning show recently where a World Wrestling Entertainment star threatened to punch a crew member who was goading him.

Don’t Mess with Grayson Waller

WWE stars LA Knight and Grayson Waller were recently interviewed on Australia’s popular morning television show ‘Sunrise’ to promote the upcoming ‘Elimination Chamber’ event in the city of Perth.

But things got tense.

The Messenger reports, “When co-host Natalie Barr asked the two wrestlers to perform one of their finishing moves, co-host Matt Doran offered up their floor manager who he said was ‘leaving this week.”

“The floor manager came on screen and held up his dukes for Waller, which did not sit well with the WWE rising star,” The Messenger noted.

The story continued:

“I don’t think you understand,” Waller said to the man. “If I come over there right now, we’re going to have the police here because I’m not going to give you some fake punch. I’m going to punch you straight in the jaw.”

Waller then got up from her place on the couch and started making his way over to flummoxed crew member.

“The disrespect you have even talking to me,” Waller told him. “You want to talk to me like this ain’t real? Don’t act all tough.”

After Doran finally pushed the stage manager away, Waller continued, “You guys some here trying to disrespect us? Are you kidding me?”

Barr insisted, “I’m not disrespecting you,” to which Waller quickly responded, “You’re all right, mate. No, we love you.”

‘No one thinks you’re tough’

The Messenger added, “Once the stage manager was completely of view, Waller turned his attention to Doran, who was proud of himself for breaking up the melee.

“No one thinks you’re tough,” Waller told him. “No one’s ever thought you were tough.”

The situation ended without any punches being thrown.

But don’t think for one second that if it came down to it, Grayson Waller would have handled business right there on live TV.

WWE’s ‘Elimination Chamber’ takes place on February 24th.

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