The Sphere, Las Vegas, NHL Draft
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Sharks won the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery and will likely select Macklin Celebrini from Boston University. That will be a major story when the annual event gets going on June 28.

But there is an absolutely incredible backdrop to a draft that typically plays second-fiddle to other major professional sports leagues in North America.

This year’s NHL Draft will be held from the new Sphere in Las Vegas. It was announced as the lottery was taking place on Tuesday.

“The NHL is proud to bring the first sports event and the first live television broadcast to Sphere,” NHL Senior Executive Vice President Steve Mayer said in a news release. “Together with the amazing team at Sphere, we plan to deliver an NHL Draft like no other, introducing the bright future of hockey in an innovative and exhilarating setting.”

The Sphere opened back in September of 2023 with U2 beginning its 40-show residency. The project had been annouced by the Madison Square Garden Company back in 2018 and ultimately cost $2.3 billion to erect. It’s the newest lavish venue to be built in the growing Vegas metropolitan area. It’s also absolutely stunning.

The Sphere, NHL Draft
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Sphere seats 18,600 people. It features a wraparound interior LED screen and an outdoor LED display. As a new venue, it’s known for its immersive video technology, too.

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2024 NHL Draft At The Sphere Is Going To Be LIT

The Sphere NHL Draft
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the most-expensive entertainment venue in Las Vegas history, the Sphere isn’t like anything you have seen before. The immersive experience is second-to-none in North America. The outdoor LED display is 580,000 square feet. Inside, the 16K resolution wraparound LED screen measures at 160,000 square feet. It is a modern marvel.

Once in the venue, you’ll be welcomed by one of the world’s most-advanced robots. This is not a drill. It’s actually happening. It can be creepy. It can also be absolutely hilarious.

The NHL Draft is absolutely going big this year. It joins the NFL in hosting a draft in Sin City.

Meanwhile, the Sphere will play host to UFC 306 in September. That promises to be an entirely different experience.

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