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It all started with a rather innocuous claim off the cuff. ‘NBA players could easily make the transition and play in the NFL, but NFL players could not easily make the transition and play in the NBA.’

With that, Austin Rivers opened up the floodgates for criticism. Now, the Seahawks Kenneth Walker is joining the chorus to call malarkey on Rivers.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
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Kenneth Walker Slams Austin Rivers

If anyone knows the brutal realities of playing in the NFL, it’s Kenneth Walker III. He plays running back. For the Seahawks.

In other words, he’s fully accustomed to slamming head and body at full speed into 300 pound monster linemen. In this game, no refs stops play if someone happens to lightly graze another player’s hand.

So when he was asked about Rivers’ comments, he immediately replied, “No.”

Walker told Fox News Digital:

“I think there are definitely a few athletes in the NBA that can play in the league or try to play in the league. But I think it’s the other way around. I feel like you can take NFL players and put them on the court.”

Walker didn’t have to look far for an NFL athlete who could dominate in the paint. He pointed out his teammate DK Metcalf, who could probably dominate in any sport. Up to and including water polo.

One thing is for sure: we know DK Metcalf could play defense better than some of these NBA guys. Remember when he ran the full length of the field for a touchdown-saving tackle on Budda Baker? Insane!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
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If there was any doubt, we have evidence of Metcalf’s skill on the court from last year’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game:

Rivers Gets It From All Angles

Walker is just the latest NFL player to jump on Rivers’ claim.

JJ Watt, one of the greatest defensive linemen of all time, disagrees with Rivers. I don’t want to argue with JJ Watt about anything. Do you?

But Rivers really took smoke from former Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion James Jones.

“Let’s just get this straight, No. 1, they put a flop rule in the NBA because you guys are soft,” Jones said. “You guys started a trend of rest games. And now y’all want extra votes and all that type of stuff to win an MVP because you only played 22 games out of 82. Y’all started that.”

Jones must have been amped up because he wasn’t finished.

“And Austin Rivers, if you stepped on a football field homeboy, you wouldn’t make it. We know that right now. Because you barely made it in the NBA, and I’m just keeping it a buck,” he added.

“Try again, homeboy.”

At this rate, Rivers will have the entire NFL telling him he’s a fool!