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Kansas City Chiefs rookie wideout Rashee Rice has had an impossibly bad off-season turn even worse.

Rice, already facing a slew of felony charges stemming from a high-speed car crash in late March, is now suspected of assaulting a person at a downtown Dallas nightclub.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the alleged assault took place in the early morning hours on Monday. Police were dispatched to the nightclub at 2:30 AM where they reportedly found a man with “visible swelling on one side of his face.”

The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Rashee Rice Involved In Assault?

It’s important to note that while law enforcement officials provided details to the newspaper, there have been no charges filed against Rashee Rice for the assault at this time.

The newspaper also points out that two civilians with knowledge of the alleged incident suggest there was only a verbal altercation. They dispute any physical fighting took place.

You know what prevents this from being a question, however? Not being at a nightclub at 2:30 in the morning. Especially if you’re a high-profile athlete. Especially if you’re wealthy. And especially, especially if you’ve already got felony charges pending.

What’s the ol’ saying? Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

Rice should be at home in bed at 2:30 AM. Or maybe taking a nice soothing bubble bath. Mind stirring? Restless? How’s about an online defensive driving course if you’re bored?

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He’s Already Facing 8 Felony Charges

Rashee Rice’s previous legal issues are well-known to readers of Bounding Into Sports. Video captured the NFL player driving a Lamborghini alongside a Chevrolet Corvette at a high rate of speed in March.

Drivers of both vehicles lost control resulting in a multi-car accident. Four people were treated for injuries.

Rice is now facing eight felony charges in connection with his role in the accident. They include one count of aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury, and six counts of collision involving injury.

So, of course, he’s hanging out at a nightclub.

NFL insider James Palmer claims that Kansas City Chiefs officials are preparing to be without Rice for “half a season at least”, a potential punishment for his role in the crash.

Getting involved in a scuffle at the local club isn’t going to lessen any future suspension. But it might help lengthen it.

The issue might prove to not only be a big off-field distraction for a team trying to three-peat, but a blow to the offense during actual gameplay.

Rice was a rookie in 2023 but quickly blossomed into an integral part of the Kansas City Chiefs offense. He had 79 catches for 938 yards and 7 touchdowns in his first NFL season.

In Super Bowl LVIII, he grabbed 6 catches for 39 yards as the Chiefs defeated the 49ers, 25-22. In doing so, those 6 catches earned him the record for most postseason receptions by a rookie.

Rice needs somebody to help him get his life in order before it gets derailed even worse. Somebody to help him make better decisions.

Let’s hope a friend or family member steps up to guide this young man.

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