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Washington Commanders head coach Dan Quinn created a storm of controversy after sporting a t-shirt that featured his team’s current logo mixed in with parts of an old logo referencing their previous name.

We are just four years removed from the Commanders changing their name and logo from the controversial ‘Washington Redskins.’

But Quinn’s t-shirt apparently opened up old wounds and forced the team to state they had “no organizational comment” about the matter.

Pro Football Talk indicates there are no plans for the team to bring back their old name or logo.

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What Was On Dan Quinn’s Shirt?

What did Dan Quinn’s shirt have that forced the entire Washington Commanders organization to distance itself from their head coach?

There was the solid ‘W’ that was incorporated into the team’s helmet design following the 2020 name change.

But it also had two feathers from the old logo attached.

NBC criticized the organization, noting that Dan Quinn isn’t exactly known as a rebellious coach, and indicated that maybe the team itself hasn’t forcefully indicated that any material involving the old logo is “off-limits.”

They also note that simply wearing the t-shirt creates legal issues for the organization.

“The T-shirt is not officially licensed. The bots flooding social media with links to purchase the shirt are peddling something that infringes on the organization’s trademarks,” the outlet writes.

“The fact that Quinn inadvertently aided and abetted infringement efforts creates a separate set of headaches for the team, which will need to mobilize its lawyers to cease-and-desist the purveyors of the T-shirt in order to protect the associated copyrights.”

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Will The Commanders Coach Be Punished?

There is speculation that Dan Quinn might be punished by the league for wearing the semi-throwback shirt. Not because of the controversial incorporation of elements involving the old logo. But because it’s unlicensed merchandise.

The NFL can’t have its players and coaches wearing shirts off the street.

Montez Sweat, a defensive end for the Chicago Bears who was drafted by the organization in 2019 has called the team’s switch to their new name embarrassing.

The team was pressured by protest groups and sponsors to change their name and logo. After a two-year transition in which they were known simply as the Washington Football Team, they officially became the Commanders in 2022.

“I got drafted as a Redskin,” Sweat told host Chris Long on the Green Light podcast. “Then I was a Football Team. And then I was a Commander I don’t know – I think I’m missing one.”

Long pointed out how at least being known as the Washington Football Team was “kinda cool.”

“Anything but the Commanders,” he added.

“I was so embarrassed,” Sweat replies. “I was so embarrassed. So when people asked who I played for, I was like ‘Washington.’”

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