NBA: Playoffs-Denver Nuggets at Minnesota Timberwolves
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NBA Twitter can be an absolute blast. Well, guess we now have to call it NBA X. Thanks, Elon.

All joking aside (not joking), it is actually one of the best places around that otherwise hellscape of an app. We can now confirm this even more.

A parody account is making waves on X during the NBA Playoffs. It’s nothing short of extraordinary. The account’s handle is “TheNBACentel.” Whoever runs the account makes sure that it’s a mere parody and not the real “TheDunkCentral,” which has 1.6 million followers and aggregates a ton of reports.

Now that we have the background, let’s dive into the festivities.

This account is legitimately using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to fool both fans and aggregators. The level of planning that has gone into this is actually pretty damn impressive. Regardless of our thoughts on A.I (it will end up being our overlord), epic is epic.

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Parody NBA X Account And Nikola Jokic

No, Jokic did not say that. In fact, the post was flagged by community notes. Yeah, we’re now flagging parody accounts. Thanks, Elon.

To be clear, Jokic was not necessarily too excited in winning his third NBA MVP of the past four seasons. This is actually his real quote on earning the league’s top individual honor.

“To be honest, I liked last year when I didn’t win it and we won a championship much better,” Jokic told reporters.

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Next Up, Anthony Edwards Gets The Fake NBA X Treatment

NBA: Anthony Edwards
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

I am still hating this whole “NBA X” thing. Someone do something about it. Please. I beg.

Moving on. A lot has been made about stud Minnesota Timbewolves guard Anthony Edwards and his performance thus far in the NBA Playoffs. He’s even been compared to the great Michael Jordan.

So, what does Edwards think about that comparison? We’re glad you asked.

First off, Minnesota is playing the Nuggets Sunday night in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals. You really don’t need me to explain the end of that quote. Right? Cool.

Here is what Edwards really said in being compared to the great Michael Jordan.

“I want it to stop. He’s the greatest of all time. I can’t be compared to him,” Edwards said earlier in May. “No pressure. It’s just not possible.”

Edwards has been on the receiving end of other posts from the parody account. They are equally as great.

Here’s an NSFW one, because, we’re not about to embark down NSFW A.I. road just yet.

Here are some other goldies from that account.

No, that’s not true. Thomas played six games and averaged 1.3 points per game for the Suns this past season. Instead, it’s a dig at Kevin Durant. Because, who doesn’t like to see KD take some strays on social?

Here’s another NSFW one with Luka Doncic as the victim.

They cooked Ben Simmons, too.

Man, Simmons is out there in Cancun enjoying his 105th conscutive week of vacation. They really had to do him dirty like that?

What’s the moral of this story? Well, it comes in three parts.

  1. TheNBACentel is awesome.
  2. A.I. is really going to ruin civilization and humanity. They’ll look back eons from now and laugh at us for creating it.
  3. Do your research. Check social media accounts to make sure they’re real. We already have enough fake (never mind).
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